Steve Held

Steve Held


My name is Steve Held and I'm a hockey fanatic. I grew up in New Jersey yet I've been watching the Rangers and Knicks all my life. I have been living in Seattle for five years, where I am woefully ambivalent about the Sonics ownership saga, but eventually decided, along with many others that the price was too high to keep them. I now follow the Vancouver Canucks since they are closer to Seattle than any other NHL team. My inspiration for sports writing is ex-Rangers goaltender/analyst and current St. Louis GM John Davidson. His comprehensive knowledge of players, management and the game have inspired me to strive to do the same. I am studying journalism and anthropology in Seattle and play dodgeball in a tennis court.

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  • Netta-Lee Lax posted 3544 days ago

    Netta-Lee Lax

    Thanks for the selection..

  • xx yy posted 3560 days ago

    xx yy

    Well, that decision was left up to Mats, and I guess he doesn't like Broadway eh? haha...anyways yea, as I said, it was just what I thought about the whole repition thing, your call in the end though definetly. And I can't exlpain it, but I've always thought that Steen was special for some reason since he started playing for this team. And I think Robbie Earl is the next Jarome Iginla (not just because he's black, but because of how he handles himself...I see a lot of Iggy in Earl)...ok....maybe I am insane.

  • xx yy posted 3561 days ago

    xx yy

    Good work again Steve...just two things: Pictures are always nice (and attention-grabbing). If one of your pieces makes it to the front page of the NHL thread on the site, people are going to be more intrigued to read if it includes a picture than it doesn't. I've been in the same place where a picture of a certain player or logo cannot be found, however there are some generic photos such as the NHL logo and team logos that you could use just to give it that extra push.

    The second thing is just to do with the wording. When you're listing teams or players (like you did with the past Stanley Cup champions) don't be afraid to group a few of them together: Ie. In the past five Stanley Cup finals, Anaheim, Carolina, Tampa Bay, New Jersey and Colorado (the order is probably wrong, so forgive me for that) all had records better than their opponents, and it's no surprise that those were the team's left to hoist Stanley's mug.

    Or, if you want to list each team individually, a great tool is a thesaurus (I use the thesaurus tool on So instead of saying "prevailing" multiple times, maybe mix up the wording of sentences to keep readers on their toes.

    These are just things that I've found to work with me personally, but by all means keep doing what you're doing because you've brought a fresh perspective to two ideas in the NHL so far. Good luck to the 'Nucks on Tuesday.

  • xx yy posted 3562 days ago

    xx yy

    Steve-an excellent 'premiere' here on Bleacher Report. Although it wasn't something that was overall well-received, or commonly agree with, you were able to gain readership and to have your voice heard—which in the end is what it's truly about.

    What I've learned is that there is (more often than not) going to be people who disagree with your views than people that agree with you. That's because the people that don't agree feel the need to comment, and those that agree only comment when those that disagree get out of hand (if you can follow that sentence, a bonus 10 points).

    With that being said, I did agree with the article to a certain extent—in that I think there could be more to the NHL marketing ploy. One idea that came to me while reading your article actually is the NHL sponsoring a series of roller-hockey leagues across the States—they are simple like pick-up basketball, and a fast, cheap way to get kids involved (I had this idea BEFORE reading your profile just so you know!).

    I also agree with your assesment of a guy like Sean Avery. The man dated Alicia Cuthbert, which brought the whole "I watched PMK as a kid and thought she was hot THEN" to their feet, and you can also look at what a guy like Theo Fluerry did for the league—he wasn't the best player out there, but his style, flare, and lack of teeth kept people watching and on their toes.

    Never be afraid to run with your ideas, and don't let negative criticism get you down. I definetly enjoyed your first piece, and if you ever have any questions or concerns, just ask (By some turn of fate I'm a Community Leader for the NHL here on BR, so it's kind of like customer service).

    Anyhow, I thoroughly look forward to reading more from you—a fresh view is always welcome!