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I have been watching professional wrestling since i was 6 or 7, WM7 Randy Savage vs Ultimate Warrior was the first match i can remember. Growing up in NZ there wasn't much wrestling on TV, but i had always absorbed everything i could get my hands on.

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  • Matthew Hester posted 3077 days ago

    Matthew Hester

    I put together a fun little read if ya wanna check it out. If not no biggie

  • Matthew Hester posted 3094 days ago

    Matthew Hester

    I put up a new read if ya wanna check it out if not no biggie

  • J posted 3127 days ago


    My final connections piece is out - I have solved two big questions within the world of wrestling through mathematics: Why landing in the middle of the ring is the safest place, and whether the draft has limitations.
    I hope you will find time to read this, as this article is one I am really proud of…
    many thanks

  • J posted 3154 days ago


    My next competition is up, I hope you will take part…

  • J posted 3160 days ago


    This is the fourth in my connection series analyzing the odds of some of the events that occurred during the draft from a mathematical standpoint. I think this is a pretty interesting read, so I hope you have time to look at it…

  • J posted 3163 days ago


    Just a little memo to Santino, not the most thought provoking article in the world but it’s not long so would like to hear feedback…

  • J posted 3172 days ago


    Some thoughts on the timing of the 2009 draft…

  • J posted 3175 days ago


    I had an idea last night that I would love opinions on…

  • J posted 3177 days ago


    Check out my latest article on what position the WWE’s tag team division will be left in post WrestleMania…

  • J posted 3185 days ago


    I have posted a competition for WrestleMania XXV predictions, so have a look and get involved.
    It’s just for a it of fun, but should hopefully put an end to all these prediction articles.