Ken Severson

Ken Severson


I'm a long-time journalist and public relations executive. My experience includes working as a sportswriter and editor in California and Indiana, plus I've had various articles and stories throughout the years in other newspapers and magazines. I'm also a former PR person for teams in the Indy Racing League, the old Championship Auto Racing Teams (CART) and spent a very brief stint in NASCAR. I've also dabbled in the NHRA, the SCORE Off-Road Series, American LeMans and other racing series. I'm happy to be here on The Bleacher Report.

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  • james lee posted 2410 days ago

    james lee

    I am definitely a fan of your writing. I have read several of your articles online. You do such great work. orlando patio enclosures

  • Ken Severson posted 3148 days ago

    Ken Severson

    Lola, I wish the days of the old Smokey Yunnick "Sidecar" and the Mickey Thompson's, Andy Granatelli's of the racing world would be allowed build their cars again. That's what Indy used to be about, innovation.

  • Lola Judd posted 3153 days ago

    Lola Judd

    Current or past. Should anyone be allowed to build an indycar for the 2012 season as long as it is safe and doesn't hold up traffic too much?

  • Ken Severson posted 3162 days ago

    Ken Severson

    Hello and thanks for reading! My favorite race car? Do you mean currently or of all time? Currently it has to be the Brawn-Mercedes in Formula 1 that's the talk of the racing world. Of all time, the Foruma 1 cars of the mid-70s with their huge airboxes and "tea pot" scoops. I loved that era when I was a boy and I still love it when I see the occasional racer with the air boxes above the roll bar.

    I'd love to see the turbos back. It has an unbelievable sound and it's an era I worked in so it brings great memories.

    As for track, I'd love to see Road America and Laguna Seca back and get rid of Sonoma. Sonoma's not a bad track, but LS is just a better overall facility and fun to be at. I'd love for Michigan to come back as well as Phoenix and perhaps Cleveland.

    Thanks for asking.

  • Lola Judd posted 3164 days ago

    Lola Judd

    What is your favorite race car? Should turbochargers and diesel engines return to indycar racing for 2012? What tracks should the IndyCar Series visit for 2010? Road America? Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca?