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  • Bob Jones posted 1721 days ago

    Bob Jones

    It's really no problem. I do my best to stay respectful, because I know that writers, like yourself, put a lot of time into these articles and it's a lot of hard work. I wouldn't want anyone bashing my work, and I cannot stand people on here who do. I really do enjoy the articles you write, though. I have my own blog for the Ravens, and I have learned a lot of ways to write from reading articles from writers like you. You do a great job. Keep it up.

  • Stephen Gillam posted 1854 days ago

    Stephen Gillam

    I remember you saying a while ago that you thought Courtney Upshaw was mainly drafted to stop the run. Do you think we'll be seeing more of that with Terrell Suggs back and clearly having a lot of steam to blow off?

  • Alex Ballentine posted 1906 days ago

    Alex Ballentine

    Haha that is pretty funny Shawn, although Griffin has dropped to about 88.5 percent on my article. The Redskin faithful must not be as confident as Colts fans.

  • Mayowa Ayodele posted 1944 days ago

    Mayowa  Ayodele

    Erm, i really just wanted some advise about writing for BR. I love sport and I've wanted to write for BR for ages now but have never really had the confidence to do anything about it so I just wanted to know if you had any tips especially as I'm quite intimidated by the fact that being so young and inexperienced may likely count against me. Sorry for taking your time but any advise at all would be much appreciated.

  • Amber Lee posted 2009 days ago

    Amber Lee

    YAY! It worked. Go you!

  • Amber Lee posted 2015 days ago

    Amber Lee

    No don't worry, I effed it up a few times. I followed the Twitter instructions located here:

    Hopefully THAT works. Otherwise, I'll feel like a big fat failure.

  • Amber Lee posted 2016 days ago

    Amber Lee

    Hey hey. This is the HTML code you need—just replace "@blamberr" with "@yourtwitterstuff." You just need to copy and paste it into your b/r profile and click save and it should link properly. Lemme know if this fails miserably.
    Follow @blamberr

  • Marciano Lopez posted 2066 days ago

    Marciano Lopez

    Yeah dude it's no problem. I hope to edit more of your articles. I have a soft spot for Jim Harbaugh's brother, and purple uniforms of any kind.

  • Amber Lee posted 2098 days ago

    Amber Lee

    Holy cow, you think I'm in college! Bless you...I'm actually 31 though :) I went to the University of Pittsburgh waaaaay back when—although I live near LOTS of people who go to GW.

  • Amber Lee posted 2099 days ago

    Amber Lee

    Hey Shawn! Thanks so much for fanning me on here—I really appreciate the support. I see we don't have any sport allegiances in common, but that you're a fellow DC (metro area) resident! Do you go to GW?