Seech Chang

Seech Chang


My journey as a basketball fan started when I was six. After watching my brother won his first championship as a junior, I was hooked. Since that day I have followed the N.B.A. religiously. As I have only been fortunate enough to watch two N.B.A. games in person (I am originally from Australia) I have taken a particular liking to The Los Angeles Lakers and the Chicago Bulls. I just so happened to be travelling through L.A. when Kobe exploded for 81 points in a single game, he has become one of my favorite players. I was also fortunate enough to watch a Bulls game as I could not pass up the opportunity to visit the city where Jordan dominated for so long.

I am studying Sports Journalism in Australia and have been writing about basketball since I was taught how to use a computer. Although we do not get the best coverage of this historic sport down under, I choose to mainly cover the local basketball teams as well as the international leagues. By providing useful knowledge and interesting stories to the public i feel as if I can help the sport grow in the western states.

I believe I can call myself a fan of all teams and all players as I have a great amount of respect for all that they have achieved. However as a player myself I am a point guard so I tend to favor the little guys a bit more than the big buys.

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