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I'm just a normal everyday guy that can't wait for Football to start and NASCAR to end. I think football season should last as long as Nascar or basball. Why is it that the best Sport has the shortest season?
Anyways, I wasn't really a football fan until my divorce. I guess it gave me more time on my hands for relaxing.
I have been an avid Steelers fan since th 90s. I watched them from time to time before then but wasn't really into the game. The first whole game that I watched was SB13.
I used to be a big wrestling fan until Vince decided to make his company the only company. Wrestling sure is boring now.
My sons told me about this site and said I should check it out because I was always sharing my opinions on Yahoo blogs. This is a great place to express you views and recieve feedback and even start some debates. It would be interesting to know how many people actually get on this site on a regular basis.

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