HardcoreSmark Girl

HardcoreSmark Girl


I honestly have not been a Pro Wrestling fan for that long I have been watching since about 1999-2000ish. I started out as just another mark, but around late 2010 I started transforming into a HARDCORE fan, a member of the IWC. I have learned a lot in my short time as a "smark" by reading different dirt sheets and listing to the Pro Wrestling Report and Live Audio Wrestling religiously and am a regular in "the chat" of Talk Wrestling Radio Network. I've started listening to the Voice Of Wrestling, Pro Wrestling Insider, and Aftermath as well. I also found glossaries on Wikipedia and about.com of Pro Wrestling terms so I would know what the hell the rest of the IWC is talking about. I now consider myself a very informed and very opinionated wrestling fan. I follow WWE, TNA, and ROH regularly with a side of NJPW, AJPW, NOHA, CMLL, AAA, IWRG, Ring Ka King, and Lucha Libre U.S.A. I frequent the wrestling section of Yahoo! Answers along with the wrestling section of Bleacher Report. Professional Wrestling is the only "sport" that I ever have and ever will follow. Yes it's all a work but regardless, I think it is one of the most entertaining things on television and I want everyone to know about it so I tweet about it @WrestlingStuffJ on twitter and I write about Mexican and Japanese wrestling for twrnetwork.com. I love wrestling!

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  • cali sambo posted 2008 days ago

    cali sambo

    love the name..hope to chat sometime!