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  • James Dolan Is an Idiot posted 1811 days ago

    James Dolan Is an Idiot

    oh shit i didnt realize you were a knicks fan, i just skipped right to the board to comment, sorry bro i didnt realize that i dont want to disrespect fellow knicks fans.

  • James Dolan Is an Idiot posted 1811 days ago

    James Dolan Is an Idiot

    totally haha

  • James Dolan Is an Idiot posted 1811 days ago

    James Dolan Is an Idiot

    you are gay

  • Kelly Scaletta posted 2164 days ago

    Kelly Scaletta

    Lin is both system and skill. Right player for the right system.

  • Dan Favale posted 2172 days ago

    Dan Favale

    To be fair, Knicks have better luck in the second round as opposed to the first. Hell, if Lin keeps it up, they should stick to signing undrafted guys.

  • Dan Favale posted 2173 days ago

    Dan Favale

    The Knicks would unload either if the right deal comes along. I don't think that deal would include obtaining a pick. If it meant getting Sessions, then perhaps, but right now, NY wants to see what they have in Lin while they bide time for Davis' return. Also, while Douglas is struggling, Fields has been superb when they put the ball in his hands. I think we'll know a lot more about that come March 1st, when the trade deadline is 2 weeks out.

  • Darrell Horwitz posted 2177 days ago

    Darrell  Horwitz

    Hey Emmet, Here's a little more realistic trCheck out a Dwight Howard trade proposal from a Chicago broadcaster this week. I broke it down and I think it's a trade that works for both parties. It's a good enough trade for the Magic, that I'm almost hesitant on it from the Bulls side.

    http// offer for Howard.

  • Daniel Hudson posted 2193 days ago

    Daniel Hudson

    Thanks for the interest, Emmet. I plan on doing an update around the All-Star Break.

  • Leo Florkowski posted 2208 days ago

    Leo Florkowski

    I don't discuss articles outside of the article itself. My bulletin board is for people to contact me about things unrelated to any of my articles.