Johnmichael Monteith

Johnmichael Monteith


I was born in Scranton, Pennsylvania and have had the pleasure of living in many areas of the world:
Sydney Australia, Papua New Guinea, Philadelphia, Houston, Findlay Ohio, London England, countless cities in Oregon and I now call home a 1929 farm house in Kirkland, Washington with my wife, daughter and son.

My major was theatre arts and you could easily argue I know very little about sports, however that has never stopped anyone from having an opinion, has it? The first team I ever cared about was the Philadelphia Phillies and I was distraught to learn in 1981 that they would not win the World Series every year. While my first love of college athletics was Penn State, I started cheering for the Oregon Ducks in 1982 when I learned they were the worst team ever to grace a football field.

Above all I try to keep perspective when watching my favorites win or lose. The greatest teams of this moment can be the worst in the next so a sense of humor and humility are the best weapons of getting through any given day of sports history.

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  • Philip Lombardo posted 2620 days ago

    Philip Lombardo

    Read that article you posted and I knew about them chasing those records..
    To be completely honest I was assigned this article b/c I'm an intern with the B/R. I'm actually a Ducks fan but I had to say something to denounce their worth to help me get my point across about how its possible a two-loss team would make the BCS Championship.
    I completely agree with you that a team with an offense as great as O's makes them a powerhouse, bu t I have to write objectively and its hard when you don't believe in something but you have to write to defend it anyway ya know.