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  • Sudhir Ramakrishnan posted 1963 days ago

    Sudhir Ramakrishnan

    duuuude........ that was uncalled for!! you have 26 Likes to boot!

  • Sudhir Ramakrishnan posted 1986 days ago

    Sudhir Ramakrishnan

    an article on B/R seems distant now... thanks for the feedback though...


  • Sudhir Ramakrishnan posted 1992 days ago

    Sudhir Ramakrishnan

    hi Julian... shameless as this sounds, i started my blog last week.. i'd love to get your opinion about it.. :)

  • Sudhir Ramakrishnan posted 2090 days ago

    Sudhir Ramakrishnan

    My brother and i are wondering, now that the Lukas Podolski deal is offficial; what position will he play in next year?

    (Surely RvP will stay)

    I believe that we'll play the 4-4-1-1; with RvP in the hole just behind Poldi - who i predict will be an out-&-out striker at Arsenal. Wenger called him a "striker".

    My brother says "Its like Drogba-Torres….both will complement each other..or or or Lukas will be more like a Reyes….Winger and a striker"

    what do you reckon will happen??

  • Sudhir Ramakrishnan posted 2095 days ago

    Sudhir Ramakrishnan

    Look mate, no offence meant to IJ; but please avoid articles like the one below:


    it's an article that is detailed, and well fleshed out; but it is based on a redundant topic.. not the sort of article you read on BR, but the type you argue with your friends with...

  • Matthew Snyder posted 2133 days ago

    Matthew Snyder

    Thanks for those helpful info bits, Julian. Much appreciated that you took the time to help out.