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  • john CARRANZA posted 1235 days ago

    john CARRANZA

    I have an task for you, i ll pay for it please contact me here niketan237@gmail.com
    I will wait for your repy thanx

  • iamawesome i amawesome posted 1664 days ago

    iamawesome i amawesome

    get off the computer you wright to much

  • iamawesome i amawesome posted 1664 days ago

    iamawesome i amawesome

    hey Bobby i saw you on youtube oh and you look exactly like aaron rodgers oh and i just signed up to hack your account hehehe

  • Valtteri Murtonen posted 1906 days ago

    Valtteri Murtonen

    I'm liking your Ducks coverage. There doesn't seem to be many people out there who actually write about our team so pretty much anything you post is a big plus. Keep it up.

  • John Migliaccio posted 1991 days ago

    John Migliaccio

    Hey Bobby. I love the articles you write on the Ducks. I wish we could see more sportswriters like you out there.

  • Ron ThompsoN posted 1991 days ago

    Ron ThompsoN

    Keep up the good writing.

  • Martin Laumeyer posted 2163 days ago

    Martin Laumeyer

    ok thanks man! :)

  • Bobby Kittleberger posted 2163 days ago

    Bobby Kittleberger

    @Martin Hey thanks for letting me know man! I'll get that changed right away and make sure you're credited for it. I appreciate you pointing that out.

  • Martin Laumeyer posted 2165 days ago

    Martin Laumeyer

    Hey Bobby, you made a mistake on credit the concept designer of the penguins Jersey. The logo was made by elogodesigns, but the concept itself was made by me. ML Designs. The logo on the left side is my original artwork here is my website: http://mldesigns.jimdo.com/ I please you to change that or to add that.
    My concepts are often published by HJC (Hockey Jersey Concepts). I forgot to add my name but I added and the updated version was posted on ym Website.
    I'll hope it works
    greetings from germany,
    Martin Laumeyer

  • Bobby Kittleberger posted 2181 days ago

    Bobby Kittleberger

    Sure thing Travis. I apologize for not getting back with you earlier.