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I am a very motivated and talented, young sports writer. I am trying to work my way up to one day be considered as one of the best sports writers in the country. I am currently a contract writer at Scripps Treasure Coast Newspapers in Vero Beach, Fla.

I am following my dreams and have interviewed big sports personalities like: Chad Ochocinco, Terrell Owens, John Wall, Ben Roethlisberger, Brandon Marshall, Marvin Lewis, David Wright, Jay Bruce, and more. At the end of the day, I say: if you love your job, you never have to work a day in your life.

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  • Alex Butler posted 2010 days ago

    Alex Butler

    No problem Will, thanks for checking out my articles. It is pretty fun so far and a really good way to keep me occupied when I'm not writing for the newspaper. It's nice to throw in my opinion every now and then. I love writing about the Bengals, I was pretty into my old site last season. I also like to write about fantasy football and the Cincinnati Bengals as well as my other teams.

    Thanks for the compliment and hopefully Lefty can turn it around.

  • Will Leivenberg posted 2010 days ago

    Will Leivenberg

    Thanks for becoming a fan, Alex! I see you are pretty new to B/R — how do you like it so far? It's great to see you are writing about a variety of sports. Is there one you like more or that you feel your more comfortable writing about? Solid write up on Lefty by the way. I'm a big fan of Phil, primarily because I love golf and am lefty also. It's a bummer he choked today though. Anyway, keep up the great work, Alex!

  • Alex Butler posted 2011 days ago

    Alex Butler

    Hey Dan,
    Thanks for the tip. I've been checking out your stuff off and on as well. I like the fantasy info (can never have enough of that). Anyway, I will check into that. I am currently trying out for the TNT team at Bleacher Report so I'll see how that goes first. This is a fun website to write for and a good side-gig! Thank you again.

  • Dan Kukla posted 2011 days ago

    Dan Kukla

    Hey Alex, glad to see you writing for B/R. I'd highly recommend applying to their internship program if you have the time for it (five articles per week for 3 months). It's by far the best way to move up the ranks at this website. I'm in it right now so let me know if you want more info.