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So this part is about me, huh?

Well, I'm a typical 20 year-old guy - completely and utterly obsessed with a monumental amount of sports; including everything from boxing and mixed martial arts (MMA as it is often called), to football (or soccer as you guys call it!) and tennis.

I love the gym and i hate drinking.

I love how Georges St.Pierre is still winning and his haters are STILL whining.

I hate how darts players are constantly hailed as 'athletes'. *insert picture of Andy Fordham here*

I STILL do not understand how cricket works - and don't want to either.

Not a fan of golf whatsoever. I'd rather watch paint dry.

With this all said, hopefully from my articles you read, you will realise that my heart truly rests with two athletes in the world. One a soccer player by the name of Alessandro Del Piero (Juventus FC) and the other simply known to his fans as GSP (Georges St.Pierre). Hell, i even have a tattoo of his symbol on my back! really, i do.

I love strawberries and blueberries.
I hate carrot. I think they're pointless.

I am the type of writer that can write on so many subjects. My intensive research routine before sculpting a piece enables me to acquire a knowledge and understanding of most subjects or sports within a short space of time. Having said this, my general knowledge of sport is pretty solid.

Give me a curry or a chinese over a sunday dinner anyday.

To conclude then, i am a writer who writes what he thinks. Who writes with his opinion firmly on his sleeve. Who does not regret or indeed hide the fact that he can be biased at times. I am a writer who is not afraid to contradict the majority and sit amongst the minority. I am a writer who competes in the sports which he writes about - for the fun of it and for the knowledge too.

Yes, i do have foam mats down in my garage so me and my brother can pretend to be Royce Gracie and Georges St.Pierre when we are doing jiu-jitsu. (...what?)

I am lucky to have met two of my idols already in Del Piero and Royce Gracie.

Finally, I am a writer who guarantees entertaining reads. So thank you for sticking with me to this point. A lot of people probably stopped at the carrot comment up there. Your dedicated man. Dedicated.


Jonathan R.R. Clarke.

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