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  • Patrick Cwiklinski posted 3189 days ago

    Patrick Cwiklinski

    Hey I wrote an article on the current state of NHL writers on Bleacher Report and I think it's an important read to members of the community. Take a look when you get a chance. Thanks.

  • Daniel Arouchian posted 3266 days ago

    Daniel Arouchian

    Hi Aleksander,

    Can you please read and comment? :)

  • Daniel Arouchian posted 3309 days ago

    Daniel Arouchian

    Always a pleasure to read your articles :)

    Keep up the good work

    Daniel :)

  • Off The Air posted 3310 days ago

    Off The Air

    Alek, You are very welcome, and thank you for the kind words. You are a true talent. I just hope you do not disappear or go over to the dark side as many before you have. Fight the power.

  • KP Wee posted 3318 days ago

    KP Wee

    Welcome to B/R, Aleksandre! Your series on "Toughest Jobs in Sports" looks great!

  • Daniel Arouchian posted 3318 days ago

    Daniel Arouchian

    Great articles :)

    Keep up the good work Aleksandre :)

  • Maya Filipovic posted 3319 days ago

    Maya Filipovic

    When you're writing the article, where all the options are on top of the text, like where it has the bold button and all of that, one of the buttons is insert a link. Just highlight the word you want to have the link to, such as "my previous article" then press the link button and copy the actual link into the url place. I hope that made sense.

  • Ryan Gorcey posted 3320 days ago

    Ryan Gorcey

    Hmmm, good question. I'd go with all of them, just to be sure. The more tags, the better, that's what I always say. Unless they're on clothes, then it's just time-consuming to pull them off, haha. But I'd put it under each sport as well as "multisport" that way you cast a wider net.

  • Miah D. posted 3321 days ago

    Miah D.

    u should have an article about it! those are some great lines you have there!

    i actually have no idea so far which of the fourth line player is cleared to play. Komisarek meets the docs this afternoon, and might be back for the flyers.

    i soo agree for weber ... i would even go as far as having weber up, and obyrne down.

    there is an article on it by Fred:

    Miah ;)