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  • Amber Lee posted 2165 days ago

    Amber Lee

    Well it definitely makes sense, and I do understand what you're saying. I think my big argument here is that I write about pop culture for an American site. The issue is that it doesn't have the distinction of being about a specific sport/team that you follow--but I'd have to just say that I think that on an American site, it's assumed that a pop culture article is going to be about America. I think I'm fairly well aware of other cultures and countries, but I can't be expected to know everything in the world :) Every pop culture writer here writes about American pop culture for the most part, so making the American vs. non-American distinction would be strange and not needed.

    Anyway, I appreciate you reading and the discussion :) Never hurts anything to talk things through a little!

  • Kian Smith posted 2166 days ago

    Kian Smith

    Sorry, but i read the message but then i cant access my inbox again and I can't find the contact amber lee on your page. I'll just write here because no-one else will read.

    Well probably bleacher report started off as an american site but like youtube because an international site with an international visitors. With sections such as cricket and rugby on the site plus lists titled ''world's 50 most popular sports teams'' I assume it caters for for that international base. Unless you write ''america's power couples'' I also assume it covers international sport as a whole. So I guess what I am saying there just seems to be inconsistency. My opinion is that you just title it ''america's biggest athletes'' or whatever to save confusion. Hope that helps.

  • Amber Lee posted 2166 days ago

    Amber Lee

    Also, if you have problems with replying to my message --you can go to my profile and next to my name it will say "Become a Fan" or "contact Amber Lee" :)