Brad LaPlante

Brad LaPlante


Brad LaPlante is a sixteen year old at Lakeland High School who has an affinity for sports. Recently, he has made countless attempts at finding a site that could give him an incredible "boost" to his journalism career. Fortunately, he has found it here at the Bleacher Report.

LaPlante writes about all Detroit sports and, occasionally, Boston sports! He grew up in the Detroit area for his entire life and doesn't plan to leave any time soon.

He always covers the result of every single Michigan football game, along with the result of many Michigan State football games.

Sharing his thoughts in the sports world is what LaPlante absolutely loves to do. He is always open to comments and will always reply.

Every year, LaPlante's peers enjoy reading his bowl predictions because they are usually correct. He has focused on a series of bowl predictions every single year for the past three college football seasons! However, they have never been published before. This year will be quite different.

LaPlante usually writes about the Detroit Red Wings, Lions, Tigers, and many more Michigan sports teams. He will occasionally cover a few Boston headlines.

Nevertheless, Brad LaPlante is a sports fan and he loves to cover what you enjoy reading!

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