George Fitopoulos

George Fitopoulos


Just graduated from Northeastern University with a bachelor arts degree in Journalism.

I am co-founder of and currently contribute to both that blog and the, which is a growing Boston-area sports blog where I write about fantasy sports, the Patriots, Celtics, Red Sox and Northeastern Huskies basketball.

Aspirations are to become a paid sports reporter or writer for a newspaper or website.

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  • Scott Gyurina posted 2511 days ago

    Scott Gyurina

    Hey baseball fans,
    Please check out my latest article on the war of words between Texas and the Yankees....
    Thank you, I appreciate it!

  • Richard Bowler posted 2855 days ago

    Richard Bowler

    Check out my new article on the top 10 fantasy 1st basemen.

  • Hadarii Jones posted 2875 days ago

    Hadarii Jones

    Thanks for the edit George, its appreciated.

  • Red Shannon posted 2875 days ago

    Red Shannon

    Thanks, George.
    That's the kind of low-impact editing I appreciate.


  • Emma posted 2876 days ago


    Thanks very much George.

    If you're looking for context, I'm essentially trying to say that although every generation of sportspeople (in whatever sport) has some exceptional players, there are rarely more than one or two who would be considered in the discussion of the "greatest ever;" that the names of those who achieve "greatness" are virtually immortal; and that those who "shine" in one generation, but not compared to other generations, can really highlight the talent of even better players in their own generations.

    Probably could have been slightly more explicit in my meaning, but that would ruin the fun ;-)

  • Kevin McGrady posted 2876 days ago

    Kevin McGrady

    Thanks for the edit.

  • Marianne Bevis posted 2886 days ago

    Marianne Bevis

    Thanks for the edit. Because I can't see the corrections on a slideshow, are you able to tell me what I spelled wrongly, please?

  • Jux Berg posted 2891 days ago

    Jux Berg

    Swearing is necessary when the team plays like complete garbage. I need to emphasize just how terrible they played and looked.

  • Todd Kaufmann posted 2891 days ago

    Todd Kaufmann

    Thanks for the edit and feedback George. Much appreciated

  • Marc Halsted posted 2892 days ago

    Marc Halsted

    George, thanks for the edit. I appreciate the help-Marc