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Grew up in Salt Lake City. I have always liked collegiate sports more than professional leagues due to the passion before/during/after games, seen both in the fans and players. Lifelong Jazz fan thanks to the premier pick-and-roll duo Stockton & Malone. Enjoy data heavy analysis and articles, particularly when that data is interactive.

Founder of, a site that links intelligent visuals (often comics) with in-depth information.

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  • Andrew Phillips posted 2165 days ago

    Andrew Phillips

    I don't think Utah should trade Jefferson...but if they did, now would be as good a time as ever. And if you have Rondo running the point.............ooooooh....people will want to come play in Utah

  • Tyson Newman posted 2166 days ago

    Tyson Newman

    Hey Zac I wanna hear your thoughts on a Jazz trade. I know this is so far out there and is just a Utah Jazz dream but what about a Harris and Jefferson/Milsap for a Rondo? Is it worth it for the Jazz to do something like that? And if it is who do you think is realistic? Augustine? Thanks man!

  • Blanton Edgar posted 2216 days ago

    Blanton Edgar


    I was a bit harsh. Your reply was very sincere and I appreciate your humility and professionalism in responding. My comment about having someone with mutual interest in the subject proofreading your stuff was sincere advice, and applicable to both light stuff, like B/R articles, as well as professional writing (kudos on your Ph.D. pursuit). A fresh set of eyes will catch most blatant errors.

  • Zac Watne posted 2218 days ago

    Zac Watne

    I am not sure how I made such an obvious mistake, that was pretty stupid and I appreciate you calling me out. I guess I was already thinking about this year's title game, though I know that is not a good excuse. I will learn from it, thank you

  • Blanton Edgar posted 2219 days ago

    Blanton Edgar

    How do you write articles on college football and not know who played in last year's NCG? Have someone who follows college football proof read your stuff or discover the power of google instead of embarrassing yourself and the B/R like this.