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I am originally from Northern New Jersey; I was bred from a young age to hate everything about the Red Sox. It was a great and unforgiving idea to even consider cheering for anything other then the Yankees. My mother grew to hate a Catfish Hunter t-shirt that I got for Christmas because it was almost impossible to get me out of it. As a kid there were three things I would say when an adult asked me what I wanted to do when I grew up”
1. I want to be Catfish Hunter on the New York Yankee
2. I wanted to be Neil Armstrong and land on the moon
3. I wanted to learn to do a bicycle kick like Pele.

Of those three things none came true, I am still a Yankee fan, but instead of wanting to be Catfish Hunter I just want to be David Beckham…
I am a supporter of DC United, and really love the English Premier League, like to support the London Irish, and have been known to cheer for the Nationals. When I go home I have to support the Scarlet Knights at Rutgers.
I work for the Department of the Navy in Washington DC, and was in the Navy for 12 years and have been in the reserves for almost five years.

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  • Brian Rhodes posted 2692 days ago

    Brian  Rhodes

    Take a look at this mate and let me know what you think. It's quite comprehensive and took a while to write.


  • Brian Rhodes posted 3108 days ago

    Brian  Rhodes


    Now watch me get it all totally wrong.

  • David Jacobs posted 3167 days ago

    David Jacobs

    If you wonder why Phil Brown wears that earpiece of his or just want another theory, click on the link below:


    Let me know what you think. Thanks.

    From David.J

  • Brian Rhodes posted 3255 days ago

    Brian  Rhodes

    Take a look at some of the articles I have just written mate, see what you think?





  • Ryan Droege posted 3278 days ago

    Ryan Droege

    Thanks, David!

    Follow up: How do you pronounce that? An-or-ak? Anor-ak (emphasize the first syllable)?