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  • chilibean posted 1510 days ago


    geeez Lawrence what's with the poor sportsmanship??

    it's as though you have some sort of axe to grind or something..sorta weird..

  • OLD SCHOOL BAMA FAN posted 1954 days ago


    No, Laurence I enjoy the rapartee but I think you could be more civil. This seem to be ignominious conduct and unbecoming a gentleman. I do keep my comments witty & funny however and reserve the caustic for erroneous conclusions like you drew.

    On the Alfred Blue story I mearly said he had a cool name, Blue is the best back you have in my opinion.

    Now, to the question of "other school's boards" this article was on the main college football page for all to read and comment on. So while I know you enjoy the "cozy confinds" of the LSU home where you tell each other how "we'll beat Alabama for sure this year" or " this is our year to get even" someone like myself should interject realism before the harsh awaking actually comes.

    When you have a real "big boy rebuttle" I'll be happy to listen, till then I refuse to stoop to the petty name calling as you like to ingage in. See you at the Drive Thur...kidding : )

  • OLD SCHOOL BAMA FAN posted 1954 days ago


    Laurence idiots? Do you talk to your mother like that? Didn't your parent teach you any better? Sure it easy to be a bully and call someone a name over the internet. Most adults refrain from ad hominem attacks and refute along logical lines however if thats how you want to play "you big crybaby" is this more on your level?

  • Rick Bradberry posted 2007 days ago

    Rick Bradberry

    People like you are the reason that we as Bama fans become angry with the barn. You are a very angry person. Must be a miserable life that you lead. Go back under your rock idiot. Don't start a flame unless you can take the fallout. Your hatred of Bama is obviously due to your envy of the Tide's success. Why not fill out your bio so everyone can see who you really are. I guess you just want to hide behind your momma's keyboard. Please go away little boy.