Rob Calonge

Rob Calonge


From Northern California, Rob is a fan of all sports. He's experienced the passion of the SEC, Raider Nation, and the raucous atmosphere of the 'We Believe' Golden State Warriors.

Like any fan, Rob has his favorites, but he strives to maintain objectivity when in any sports discussion. He doesn't get offended by differing views and attempts to express his without offending others, but without apology when he does.

A Navy Veteran and former Reactor Operator, Rob writes commentary on sports, politics, religion, and pop culture along with dabbling in short stories and poetry.

Rob writes for about the Raiders (, the Sharks (, and the Warriors ( He also writes for, where he covers the California Golden Bears (

With all of the places Rob writes, it may be easier to just follow him on Twitter (

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  • Randy Lavelle posted 3182 days ago

    Randy Lavelle

    Like a little humor?Check it out!

  • James Senbeta posted 3421 days ago

    James Senbeta

    Rob, thanks for the corrections in the Michael Bush article. Just to ask could you examine another one for me?

    Thanks again

  • Sean Crowe posted 3428 days ago

    Sean Crowe

    Hey Rob,

    I am one of the two NFL community leaders here at Bleacher Report, if I haven't introduced myself to you yet, Hello!

    There will be a contest here at BR involving NFL writing. The format will divide the contestants into divisions where they will face off head-to-head each week and tally an overall record throughout the season.

    The matchups will be judged on number of reads. There will be a Community Leader assigned to each division to keep track of total reads and report on the winners and losers.

    I was wondering if you would be interested in assuming the role as head of a division?

    I'm really excited about this latest contest, so please get back to me as soon as possible!

  • Zander Freund posted 3438 days ago

    Zander Freund

    Great to have you back Rob! Ready for some football?

    Keep up the great work,

  • Jeff Little posted 3448 days ago

    Jeff Little

    Hey Rob,

    I had a big smile on my face when I saw you name next to mine as a Raiders Community Leader. If you've any ideas as always I'm in. Something else that was pretty funny, I wrote an article on Michael Bush and this guy chimed in asking if he was ever going to see the field.


  • Pro Football NYC posted 3489 days ago

    Pro Football NYC


    just writing to tell you that I am no longer writing for Bleacher Report. I have embarked on several new ventures of my own and they are in direct conflict content-wise with BR.

    Two of my blogs ( and have been incorporated into the Yardbarker network and and a third one - ny giant nation - is being run by

    I also bought into a sports video site that is in its infancy - - which we are still developing....



  • Tim Coughlin posted 3490 days ago

    Tim Coughlin

    Gotcha -- yeah, he definitely does do that. Front Runner suits him well.

    Have you seen the latest video by The Stephen A. Smith Heckling Society of Gentlemen?

  • Jeff Little posted 3523 days ago

    Jeff Little


    It's funny I went to Raidernews and saw the link and checked out the article. I enjoyed it and can't thank you enough. I can promise you this in the words of Lt. General Doulas McArthur in 1942 "I shall Return".

  • Jeff Little posted 3532 days ago

    Jeff Little


    I've written a few Raiders stories that I would like your take on.

    You're a Raiders fan like myself so I doubt it will be any information that is new to you but I still want your take. I've also read your stories on this site as well as on MVN and your website. I've enjoyed every story. I also want to thank you in advance for your take.

    Jeff Little

  • Sean Crowe posted 3549 days ago

    Sean Crowe

    When you're drafting that high, you can't worry about who's already on your roster. Your roster probably stinks. You have to draft the best guy. They had McFadden as the best guy. Therefore, it was a great pick.

    Besides, their runningbacks were all either hurt or drunks. I'm not banking anything on any of those guys. McFadden is going to be a fantastic player.