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  • Frozen Props II posted 1233 days ago

    Frozen Props II

    Re: M.Sam
    Hey, Billy-boy, I'm about as liberally progressive as you'll ever meet. And I could care less about Sam. In fact I haven't opened a single article related to him. I think he was courageous for coming out before the draft even if it was a ploy he used to gain notoriety. Everyone uses some attribute about themselves to get notoriety. Look in the mirror. You've been using your crappy attitude for so long I'm surprised it isn't broken yet.

  • 9erGal posted 1495 days ago


    LOL, are you giving me the silent treatment again??

  • Half Man Half Amazing posted 1563 days ago

    Half Man Half Amazing

    were screwed.

  • 9erGal posted 1581 days ago


    I don't know if now everyone knows how to beat him. It's just tough to win in Seattle, you know that. Anyway, it's just one game, 9ers will bounce back. Alex did know how to beat Seattle tho.

    They weren't gonna keep Alex... they just weren't.

  • 9erGal posted 1581 days ago


    Not too bad. I kinda expected to lose to the Seahawks in Seattle w/Kaep.

  • bo55

  • Stylin' Kitsch posted 1625 days ago

    Stylin' Kitsch

    Step away from the pipe...just step away...your brain and teeth will thank you.

  • Stylin' Kitsch posted 1627 days ago

    Stylin' Kitsch

    "Keep tellin yourself that. Easy to talk a big game when everything you said you don't need, you're getting anyway. Let's see what happens when the "talking heads" are downing you this year After everyone finally figures out how to stop the read-option, and they will." WH

    I'm not sure what you're talking about.
    I know when a team sucks even when that team is the one I support. If any of the experts disagree well I chalk that up to their EP telling them to do so. Nothing more or less. The same goes for when they are riding a team's jock. The EP told them to do it.

    As for your last statement you must be fucking crazy. There have only been a handful of teams that have figured out the 49er Kaep attack. I know a little about football. I know that the people running the 49ers aren't stupid. If you think they're going to hang their hat on the read option you're none too bright and understand even less about football than I do. And for me that's saying alot...since you come from the heartland of modern football.

    Kaep will bring more than a misdirection QB run play to the game this year. We saw it last year in the half season he played. His arm will be more of a threat than his legs this year. And the more comfortable he gets the more he'll stretch the field with his arm. Mark my words. Matty Ice and his ilk are like howitzers rolling back in the pocket and firing balls down the field with all the accuracy of modern armor. Kaep is like a modern attack heli...moving wherever he wants on the field and launching rockets at his receivers with pinpoint accuracy.

  • Stylin' Kitsch posted 1631 days ago

    Stylin' Kitsch

    "You can talk as big as you want now that the game has already been played, but you were ready to cry yourself to sleep when the score was 17-0, and we both know you were."

    I don't talk trash. I just get tired of jugheads whining about how their team doesn't get any respect. I have a right to because my team sucked for the better part of a decade. And when JH came aboard I knew the ship would get turned around regardless of the dismissive attitude all the talking heads had toward the team.

    And therein lies the difference between you and me. Even when the 49ers are down I know they have a chance. Yea, seeing Jones and White streaking up and down the field was pissing me off. But at no time did I think the 49ers were through. I have faith and don't need it confirmed by all the "experts". You? Well, let's just say you're...different.

  • Stylin' Kitsch posted 1632 days ago

    Stylin' Kitsch

    "sorry didnt have the schedule memorized. Itll be all right though. same result either way"

    ...I recall you spewing the same trash last year...all year about how the 'Cons didn't get any respect...and especially right before the NFCCG. How'd that turn out for ya?