John  Smyth

John Smyth


NBA Greatest Players of All Time

1) Michael Jordan
2) Magic Johnson
3) Kareem Abdul- Jabbar
4) Bill Russell
5) Larry Bird
6) Kobe Bryant
7) Shaquille O'Neal
8) Wilt Chamberlain
9) Tim Duncan
10) Hakeem Olajuwon

My All NBA team ( not the best players ever but my favourite players to watch ) :

PG - Allen Iverson
SG - Vince Carter
SF - Tracy McGrady
PF - Kevin Garnett
C - Hakeem Olajuwon

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  • Mista Amazing posted 1694 days ago

    Mista Amazing

    How about assistant coach??

  • Stephen A. Smith posted 1694 days ago

    Stephen A. Smith

    Get me a link to the article please

  • Mista Amazing posted 1695 days ago

    Mista Amazing

    Interested in joining the Bronx Mcdonald chefs??
    Fresh recruiting!! Go for a head coach job, GM, trainer, owner, or a janitor!!

  • Stephen A. Smith posted 1711 days ago

    Stephen A. Smith

    Yeah we will take a floor sweeper, minimum wage though.

  • BRIAN SCALABRINE posted 1711 days ago


    How's it goin bro...

  • Paul Pierce posted 1711 days ago

    Paul  Pierce

    Thank you sir. Celtics Nation. Forever!

  • Samuel S. posted 1746 days ago

    Samuel S.

    I LOL every time i see your "17" post by the Lakers Nation's comments. It's so great. I really hate that guy. lol

  • Laker Nation posted 1748 days ago

    Laker Nation

    Bryant is #1, wilt #2 (seriously? 8th? proves you know nothing about basketball), magic #3, jabbar the hut #4, shaq #5, gasol #6, west #7, d12 #8, goodrich #9, worthy #10
    and what's with 17

  • Samuel S. posted 1751 days ago

    Samuel S.

    The feeling is mutual sir. Good to know you.

  • Samuel S. posted 1753 days ago

    Samuel S.

    Hey John i saw some of the comments you posted on Stone Coggins page. Just thought i'd give a shout out to another rational respectful NBA fan because they are so hard to find lol. Respect to Doc Rivers. I'm officially a fan of yours.