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  • Bryant Wilson posted 2951 days ago

    Bryant Wilson

    Your thoughts on Maroney and Green-Ellis?

  • Bleacher Report posted 3255 days ago

    Bleacher Report

    A truce is cool for now. I'm still a Patriot basher, but believe me, it's nothing personal. I don't take sports that seriously.

    Hey, ...the tuck rule, remember? How can I not hate the Pats?

    We'll probably gear it up again next season.

    Peace. Better luck next year. Brady too.

  • Ryan Michael posted 3263 days ago

    Ryan Michael

    Manning played a fantastic game though. You can't expect brilliance on every play, its not practicle. Without a running game and while playing with poor field position, Manning did his best.

    Had the Colts D held the Chargers to 14 points, you'd say it was a clutch performance by Manning. Had the Colts won the coin toss and scored you'd be saying the same.

  • Ryan Michael posted 3264 days ago

    Ryan Michael

    While playing for a much better rounded team during the time of the year when defense wins championships. I could do this all day.

    Trust me, if it was Tom Brady who was the better QB it would be him going to the Pro Bowl every year and him winning multiple league MVP's.

    But he was a very good player playing for the best team.

    By your standard Jim Plunkett is better than Peyton Manning. He won more SB's and had more post season success.

  • Ryan Michael posted 3264 days ago

    Ryan Michael

    And Peyton leads in just about every category during the regular season (which is 4X as many games) and did so with far less backing.

    Manning had a very good game and it was the field position that prevented the Colts from moving the ball, that compliled with a running game averaging about 3 yards per-carry. This isn't even a debate.

  • Ryan Michael posted 3264 days ago

    Ryan Michael

    Brad, those numbers are very close. Peyton moves his team up and done the field much more than Brady and if he had 2 extra games to play, I think he could manage 5 more TD's. Brady's got him beat in the INT department, but by that same token, rarely was Brady trying to play from behind either and sometimes INT's happen that way.

    But you can't only look at 17 games out of the 130 or so Brady has played. As seen before, in the regular season Manning is in a league of his own and in the post season (as an individual statistically) he's pretty close himself. No, his team has not played championship caliber to help him win more of those games, but Peyton's contributions have been good far more often than they've been bad.

    Sorry man, I respect you showing love to one of your favorite players but he's just not close enough in the production department to really be on the same level. I understand you value rings more than stats but its never a trade-off. Winning championships is a team accolade and the player who is on the best overall team will win the most.

    Ask Jim Plunkett, he'll tell you.

  • Ryan Michael posted 3268 days ago

    Ryan Michael

    The record is the record, but the "woulda cudda shoulda" is obvious that Manning would have easily thrown at least one more TD with the 76 extra attempts Brady had and the fact that he back up threw an extra 2 also has to say something. I can't say Manning owns the record but the Colts did throw more as a team and Manning's season is arguable more impressive.

    As far as the career stats, I'm not certain how you configured the QB rating but if it is correct, .1 is not much of anything. Manning clearly has the edge in both yards and touchdowns. Not to mention Manning had to play as a rookie where Brady did not earn that right by playing great in college. If you remove Manning's 28 interceptions from his rookie year and use 1999-2005 as your measuring stick, Manning would be even further ahead.

    I understand and respect you sticking up for your team and one of your favorite players. I do see how you could feel that Brady is better but after so many years of watching great QB's, I don't see it as close as you so. I see rings as a team stat and statistics being more reflective of an individual.

  • Ryan Michael posted 3269 days ago

    Ryan Michael

    I believe all of that could have been covered in one post.

    Anyway, the Brees article as well as others I have written are based on a combination of facts and accurate opinions. Of course such things will always be debated but common sense can help most people arrive at an accurate conclusion so long as they can remain free of bias.

    Attacking my character or my ability to be impartial is just a poor attempt to not live up to the facts presented, nor does it have anything to do with the information presented.

    The TD record has been more then covered, especially seeing as the Colts as a "team" threw 51 touchdown passes. There is no "hurt" like you refered to because the breaking of the record was not done thru the normal context of playing games, nor was at attained in anywhere near the few amount of throws Peyton threw.

  • Ryan Michael posted 3269 days ago

    Ryan Michael

    Also, you spelled "Belichick" wrong on your profile.

    Just F.Y.I.