Dean Hurd

Dean Hurd


Currently studying Criminal Justice at the University of Central Florida. Set to graduate in 2015 with my Bachelors. If everything goes well i hope to eventually get accepted to work for the FBI after doing my patrol work for the Pinellas County Sheriffs Office... I absolutely love to hunt, fish, camp, tailgate and watch football especially the football being played at Ohio state... I'm glad Ohio state grabbed Urban Meyer as a coach it was looking like Ohio state was in for a maybe a couple down years there for a little... But Urban has brought the winning ways of Tressel and made it an even greater experience to follow Ohio state every year... Couldnt be happier with where i am and where i'm hopefully heading... Go Bucks!!!

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  • Tony Locken posted 2096 days ago

    Tony Locken

    What's up man? How are things?

  • Chris Lane posted 2116 days ago

    Chris Lane

    Hey Dean. I know it may not mean much to most people but I really appreciate it when people click on me as a "fan" of mine. Although I would never consider you a fan, as I am not a writer here YET. I always consider every Buckeye fan a Brother. I didn't think I'd be here at Bleacher Report for a few days because of the Buckeye loss against Kansas, but I had to tell you thanks. I have been trying to write here for about 8 months. I have sent in 3 articles on our Beloved Buckeyes that were denied then I decided to change tactics on the people that "grade" the applications and I wrote an article on your favorite sport... NASCAR.

    My NASCAR story was on "4 Reasons why Greg Biffle will win the 2012 Sprint Cup". I stayed inside their word limit and I'm 95% sure that I had no grammatical errors and I am 100% sure that I had no spelling errors. I even did research on Ford's new engine package. Honestly... it was a decent article and may have been excellent compared to a lot of the stuff you read here at B/R. I wrote my story after the first race of the season, where Biffle finished 3rd. Since I wrote the article, Greg Biffle has won 0 races... but he is FIRST IN SPRINT CUP POINTS. My article was denied.

    After reading your profile, I see that you hate NASCAR. I live very close to Daytona Beach and I have been a NASCAR fan for over 25 years. I apologize for this long message, but I wanted you to know that I really am trying my ass off to become a writer here. I'm not the most skilled writer in the world, but I'm 39 years old and I know sports pretty well, plus I do research even on a lot of my comments. I really would be a cool writer here, too. If I was allowed to write, I can guarantee that my articles would be entertaining and sometimes even "funny as hell". Unfortunately, satirical articles are not accepted as application articles. So I can't show them my wit and my ass when I apply.

    I'm sorry for writing such a long comment. My comments often rival Encyclopedia Brittanica when it comes to length. Some of us Bucks fans just don't know when to shut up. Anyway, brother. I really, truly thank you for your support. I now have a grand total of 12 fans and most of them are just waiting for me to start writing here full time. I assure you that when I do get my chance, the fans that I have before I was allowed to write... like you... will always be able to get me to write things that you want to hear as well as have your chance to voice your opinion in my articles. I always thought it would be cool if a writer here wrote something like this: "My buddy, Chris Lane was right, Brady Hoke does wear a matching wonder bra to go with his girdle", or something like that. I want my stories (especially my Buckeye stories) to have some shouts out to my buddies here. Again, I thank you much for your support and I am looking forward to seeing you in the comments sections as we try to NICELY bash the Michigan fans to death.

    Take care, brother... I'm here any time you need me... just message me by "contacting me" which is a private message, or by using my bulletin board like I have just messaged you. Really... I appreciate your support more than you would ever think. I'm now going to review some of your comments. Maybe I will become a fan of yours as well. I don't automatically return the favor but I have read a couple of your comments already. Oh... Listen to Bryce and get yourself a picture. See ya soon! Go Buckeyes!

  • Bryce Prescott posted 2137 days ago

    Bryce Prescott

    Get yourself a picture

  • Tony Locken posted 2148 days ago

    Tony Locken

    Man I used to be all up and about UofM through my younger years. Now that I am 41, I realized that it isn't all about Michigan and there are schools out there just as good in academics if not better. And we all know that there are schools out there that have better athletics throughout the years. I am more open about schools like OSU, MSU, etc, etc. It doesn't start and end with Michigan!

    I am excited that OSU with Meyer, and Michigan with Hoke will bring the rivalry back to where it needs to be. Next few years, we will see good teams out there competing again. It's exciting times again in B1G for sure!!!

    Dean, I appreciate your comment bro!

  • Bryce Prescott posted 2152 days ago

    Bryce Prescott

    Thanks for backing me up. I shouldn't have gotten as angry as I did about his comments. I know its just some comments on a sports site, but what he said hit a nerve. I wouldn't have minded so much from a UM fan, because that's expected, but having some random TCU fan come in and insult my school made me so mad. The extra support really helped.

  • Tony Locken posted 2175 days ago

    Tony Locken

    Yo man! I like what you have to say bro. You stick by your school and clown Michigan, man I like it. The thing I like is perspective from outside though it might be biased or what not but still good to read. Anyways, I am sure we will bump in to one another in threads! Keep it up bro, keep it up!