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B.J. Cepeda is a small town kid. Only 17 years old, he's an inspiring writer from the great state of Michigan. He likes his Central Michigan Chippewas which you'll see him write about regulary. If you have any questions to ask B.J. just leave him a comment. Thanks guys!

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  • Andrew Cahill posted 2920 days ago

    Andrew Cahill

    A Story From A True Patriots Fan...check this one out...

  • G D posted 3012 days ago

    G D


    My friend said to me the other day.."Hey, wanna hear a funny joke"..I replied with "Sure, why not"..He said.."Stephon Marbury"..Let me know what you think!

  • robert a posted 3037 days ago

    robert a


    Got a non-Cowboys one for ya (shocking, right?).

    Cris Collinsworth mentioned today that he thought Pat Tillman belongs in the Hall of Fame. What do you think?

  • robert a posted 3039 days ago

    robert a

    Looks like the Cowboys have made a couple of New Years Resolutions. Check it out!

  • robert a posted 3043 days ago

    robert a

    Hey BJ:

    I don't typically go profile to profile promoting my writings, but I put a lot of time into this one. It is about how fans of non-playoff teams can cope with their team not playing next weekend. Unfortunately, this applies to my Cowboys, but I still think it is a kind of funny read.

    But it doesn't matter what I think, let me know what you think! Thanks!