Chris Marakovitz

Chris Marakovitz


Born and raised in Boston, Massachusetts, Chris Marakovitz spent his formative years selling hot dogs at Fenway Park, where he gained an early acquaintance with the core elements of comedy and tragedy as a loyal fan of the Boston Red Sox. At St. Kevin’s elementary school he was tortured by nuns and developed a lifelong aversion to wearing ties. After graduating from Ithaca College in Ithaca, New York he moved to Los Angeles where he now resides and works as a freelance writer and part-time gambler.

His writings on various topics can be found at his website An avid sports handicapper, Chris posts selections, analysis, and various types of gambling-related material at an additional website located at His proudest recent achievement is his futures ticket (pictured at your left) purchased on August 30, '08 - $500 on the Arizona Cardinals to win the NFC Championship at 15-1.

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  • Kris Wysong posted 2128 days ago

    Kris Wysong

    Man your slideshow on Kobe vs MJ was the dumbest stuff I have ever read in my life.. so disrespectful and it's funny how you conveniently assume ridiculous things to sway your point. Literally with my friends and we all got a laugh out of it. #learnbeforeyouspeak

  • Tim Coughlin posted 3277 days ago

    Tim Coughlin

    Hahah, Danvers for me. Nice goin' in the Super Eight last year.