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  • Nick Nafpliotis posted 2099 days ago

    Nick Nafpliotis

    Don't listen to these folks. Your article was fantastic.

  • Rafael Castillo posted 2113 days ago

    Rafael Castillo

    Do you have anything negative to say now?

  • Robert Klein posted 2116 days ago

    Robert Klein

    Just read your article about why Duke deserves to be hated. It's an outstanding example of how Duke-hating is a form of blind hatred -- which doesn't mean profound hatred -- quite the opposite; it means superficial hatred that fails to examine issues objectively. Examples? Easy. First, you apparently didn't finish the article about dropping student attendance at Duke. The article concludes by stating this is a *national phenomenon*. In fact, it's not new either. Just look at your beloved, hotdog-eating Ruppsters:,5665679

    That's an article from 1999, and Kentucky was having already then to sell "hundreds, if not thousands" of student seats every game because of student no-shows. A fan interviewed noted that he didn't like sitting with "die-hard jackasses". So should we hate Big Blue instead of Duke Blue?

    You could have found this article and many similar ones yourself, but you didn't look because your hatred blinded you from thinking about the possibility that it's not just Dukies who are finding it less and less appealing to attend ballgames.

    You hate Austin Rivers for giving himself a nickname. That was based on his first tweet about getting assigned the number zero for his jersey. Too bad you didn't read his second tweet: "My friend gave me the nick name and the reasons for it, I thought it was cool! Haters going to hate, I don't see yall." Seems like the kid gets the hate thing more than a lot of adults do. And it goes without saying that you didn't do any research to see if any players you personally admire have made up their own nicknames or ever did anything self-aggrandizing. (I'm sure you could come up with examples if you tried...)

    You hate Duke for not getting penalized over Maggette taking money. I've been through this one with CBS sportswriter Gary Parrish, so I can state categorically that the NCAA treated Duke *exactly* as it has treated other schools in the same situation. If you would do your homework, you'd learn that Maggette was guilty of one of the lightest infractions possible, having taken ~$40/day for expenses during summer basketball camp in 11th grade. That came to about $2,000 for the summer. By contrast, UCLA's JaRon Rush took $17,000 from Mr. Piggie (and $200 more from an agent), but none of the games he played in were discounted. Discounting games only occurs in serious violations where either the school itself acted with intentional deceit, or when a player was academically ineligible, especially due to cheating. To boot, consider this from the NCAA FAQ "Amateurism Certification Process Frequently Asked Questions", pp3-4:

    > Am I automatically ineligible if I violated the amateurism rules?
    > No. The Eligibility Center will review your athletics participation history. If there are violations of NCAA amateurism rules, the Eligibility Center may certify you with conditions, which must be fulfilled before you are eligible for competition. The conditions will be set based on which rule was violated and the severity of the violation. Such conditions may include repayment of money or sitting out of competition for a specified number of games, or both. In some cases, the Eligibility Center may determine that the violations are such that permanent ineligibility for competition is the appropriate penalty.

    And indeed, if you look at the specific circumstances in each case of rule violations, you'll see that - surprise - the NCAA has acted with great consistency in the application of its rules. But people who assume that this or that school is favored also automatically assume that the NCAA does not enforce its rules fairly.

    Are you starting to get the picture? Can you see that your hatred blocks you from thinking clearly and objectively?

    If you would be honest with yourself, you'd discover that you don't hate Duke because of "reasons", but because of an irrational need to hate combined with the popularity of picking on Duke.

    One last point. I have no problem with people rooting against Duke. Rivalries can be fun, and getting schadenfreude from your rivals' woes is, if irrational, not hateful per se. I myself am a big time ABC fan and always enjoy a fine Carolina (affectionally known as "Caroslima") loss. But I know that even the players and coaches whose on-screen personae turn me off are actually complete human beings who might just be decent people in real life, and I see no need for anyone to write articles decrying this or that annoying 'Slima player. And guess what? There have been more than a few UNC players whose style of BB I enjoyed and interviews I consistently respected. The rivalry shouldn't blind you to the decency of your rivals, or make you exaggerate their faults. Just root and have fun, and always keep things in perspective.

  • Ches Goodall posted 2120 days ago

    Ches Goodall

    BR is bad enough without your drivel. Leave it at home or write something worthwhile and interesting.

  • Kaleb A posted 2121 days ago

    Kaleb A

    That article is garbage, just like your Turd Holes!

  • ken smith posted 2121 days ago

    ken smith

    reed sucks!!!

  • James Arnold posted 2121 days ago

    James Arnold

    You must be a true Tarhole.