Mike Burns

Mike Burns


After a few years of writing here on Bleacher Report, suddenly I am told I can no longer write and my material is no longer good enough for Bleacher Report. I used to appreciate the feedback that was given by the editors, now its just see you, you are not good enough for us.

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  • Marc-Andrew Bezbatchenko posted 3171 days ago

    Marc-Andrew Bezbatchenko

    hey mike let me know what you think!

  • T.A posted 3208 days ago


    Check out my list of the top 10 NFL Draft steals in NFL history. Let me know what you think.


  • Mandy Cameron posted 3211 days ago

    Mandy Cameron

    Got another article I'd like you to check out. Let me know what you think. :)


  • Zachary WestRasmus posted 3241 days ago

    Zachary WestRasmus

    Hey Mike

    If you have a chance, I wrote an article about steroids is baseball, and I'd love so see what you as a red sox fan think!




  • Mandy Cameron posted 3249 days ago

    Mandy Cameron

    Hey Mike. I've got another article written. I'd appreciate your feedback. Thanks!


  • Steve Thompson posted 3253 days ago

    Steve Thompson

    Hi Mike, Thanks for reading and commenting about my article on the Buffalo-Hamilton situation. I also read and enjoyed your article about the NHL disappearing from American tv.

    I agree with you that Southern Ontario - Western New York can support a third team, perhaps even more. A second Toronto team (the return of the WHA Toros), London, Kitchener, and Oshawa on the east side of Toronto are all possibilities as well as Hamilton. It has been speculated in a recent Toronto Sun article that a Hamilton franchise might be the third most valued in the NHL behind only Toronto and the New York Rangers.

    And I agree with you, despite what the Buffalo owner says, Buffalo will still sell out its games even with a Hamilton franchise. And look at it this way, if Hamilton is put in Buffalo's division, that guarentees a sell-out in both arenas for every game.

    But it seems to me that northern New York state is a neglected area for major professonal sports. I recented exchanged comments with a fellow blogger from Syracuse and he is a big CFL fan which is a lot harder to follow in America than the NHL. Buffalo is missing an opportunity by not marketing in these areas. I wonder if the Bills can be saved for Buffalo by simply refocusing their marketing in these areas instead of focusing all their attention on getting money from Toronto.

    As far as tv is concerned, the NHL is on Versus because they couldn't get a deal anywhere else. That is how low the status of the NHL is in America. I'm surprised you can't get TSN in Buffalo. After all, you can get BBC America and I've seen Canadian tv in sports bars like Thank God It's Friday in the Boulevard Mall when I visit. We can get lots of American channels here in Toronto. Here's some ideas you might try:

    1. Go to TSN.ca on your computer and see what they have to offer. That's what the blogger in Syracuse does to get his information about the CFL.

    2. Go to a sports bar like Fridays and ask the management if they get TSN and if they do, how do they get it.

    3. Cross the border on nights they have games and watch the game in a sports bar in Niagara Falls, Ontario.

    4. Consider switching to a satellite. Perhaps they offer a package including TSN.

    5. Contact a Canadian cable or satellite tv company and see if they do business across the border. If they don't, maybe they can suggest a way of getting TSN.

  • Scott Eisenlohr posted 3281 days ago

    Scott Eisenlohr