Donovan Andrews

Donovan Andrews


Just a guy, born and raised in California, who is obsessed with MMA and martial arts in general and, for some reason, can't get the idea of moving to Denmark out of his head...

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  • Sports Lover posted 1652 days ago

    Sports Lover


  • Stevan Petrovic posted 1817 days ago

    Stevan Petrovic

    In Serbia we don't have adequate conditions ,for training combat sports, its not that popular ,unfortunaly .. I saw your conversation whit Vukasin so i just wanted to say ,we really don't have that good fighters,because people don't wonna invest some money in the combat sports

  • Vukasin Dragojevic posted 1838 days ago

    Vukasin Dragojevic

    Nah I don't live there anymore I lived there until I was 8, I still visit during the summer though. The MMA scene is growing there thanks to the Eastern European fighters like Fedor & Aleksander, Mamed Khalidov, Cro Cop and Igor Pokrajac. We don't have our own martial art but we produce pretty well talented SAMBO amateur fighters because of it's popularity in the eastern bloc region as well as wrestling especially Greco Roman style.

  • Vukasin Dragojevic posted 1839 days ago

    Vukasin Dragojevic

    Haha thanks bro! Yeah that's my real name, i'm Serbian so we have names similar to Russians haha. Yeah you pronounced exactly right.