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In 1995, when I was ten years old, I decided I should pick a football team to follow. My dad didn’t watch football, and neither did anyone I spent any time with, so I had to pick a team for myself. I disliked the two California Bay Area teams, the 49ers and the Raiders, for various reasons, so I decided to pick a team all on my own.

Being ten, my method was to buy several of those little plastic football helmets out of the vending machine at the pizza place down the street and pit them in “battle” against each other. I don’t remember every helmet I had, but I do remember three: Panthers, Jets, and Jaguars. I decided that since the Jaguars and Panthers were both expansion teams and probably didn’t have as many fans, I should pick one of them. I went with the Jaguars because I thought their helmets and uniforms looked cooler than Carolina’s (again, remember, I was ten).

Fast-forward to 16 years later, and I’m still hooked. I can’t imagine every rooting for another football team besides the Jaguars. Though I live across the country, I’ve followed Jaguars news on Twitter, posted on the message board, written to “Ask Vic”, attended Jaguars road games in San Francisco and Oakland, and was at my first home Jaguars game, the blowout loss to the Bears, in 2012 (though it was still fun).

I didn’t ever expect to end up a writer, but I had no real outlet to express my thoughts about the Jaguars other than 140 characters at a time on Twitter. I promise to give you nothing but my very best. I had the opportunity to write for Jaguars Blog, but the blog network has since folder and I've found myself without a permanent writing home since then.

You can find me on Twitter at @JaguarsBlog for Jaguars-related stuff, and @CaliforniaJag for everything else.

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  • Brad Hill posted 2113 days ago

    Brad Hill

    I actually am near Sacramento, California. I am hoping to make it to Jacksonville this October for a game, though. Thanks for the welcome! Sorry it took me so long to respond; I didn't see the comment and it didn't email me or anything.

  • David Levin posted 2121 days ago

    David Levin

    Welcome to the party. Are you here in Jacksonville?