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Bryan Chu is a nine-time winning journalist who worked as a Lakers reporter for, as a sports and criminal justice reporter for Hearst Corporation, and a Lakers columnist on Yahoo! Contributor Network.

His favorite stories he has written include spending 24 straight hours with a family of nine wrestlers in Albany, NY, training with Blake Griffin in San Francisco while being berated by Frank "Hell's Trainer" Matrisciano and uncovering the story of Jeremy Lin. Chu will also never forget his 1-on-1 interview with Lance Armstrong and also wearing a bulletproof vest at 2 a.m. while exposing the most dangerous street in San Antonio, TX.

Chu is also an active member of the Asian American Journalists Association.

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  • Michael Chen posted 2163 days ago

    Michael Chen

    Hey Bryan, you have to check out the new Jeremy Lin meme,! It's the Jeremy Lin version of Tebowing!!

  • Kavin Tedamrongwanish posted 2168 days ago

    Kavin  Tedamrongwanish

    Yo Bryan. Great article on Jeremy Lin. I am pursuing my J.D at Marquette. I wanted to say I am inspired to see other Asian-Americans such as you and Jeremy pursuing careers in the sports industry. Although it is not a subject that I often think about, one cannot help but notice the lack of Asian-Americans in this industry. So congrats man and I look forward to seeing other articles form you.

  • Davis Zhao posted 2168 days ago

    Davis Zhao

    Thanks Bryan, I'll definitely be covering sports in college and hopefully it'll be as a beat writer. At this point, I'm working on basic reporting skills with high school journalism and on my style/ more opinionated writing here. I think it's great how we're both into sports, writing, and business, and I hope we can keep in touch. I'll join AAJA when I get the chance, and I added you as a connection on LinkedIn if that's alright.

  • Chris Herbert posted 2168 days ago

    Chris  Herbert

    Hey Bryan, I really liked your Article on Lin. It also looks like you have an impressive resume as a journalist. I just ask if i can get some advice on how to be be a successful writer? If you can, check out some of my articles.

  • Davis Zhao posted 2169 days ago

    Davis Zhao

    Hey Bryan, I really enjoyed your Jeremy Lin article. I'm working on one right now for my school newspaper, as I'm the sports editor there.

    I'm also an ABC (well, born in Canada, raised in Seattle) and since you're seeing my right now as an aspiring sportswriter, I too have taken the unconventional path- I think we're pretty similar in that respect. I also am looking to earn my MBA, and have already been accepted to USC and Michigan for my undergraduate school.

    I hope you can take a look at my work and let me know what you think of it, it's not often we see asian journalists here, and I feel like we have quite a lot in common.