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Scott is a teacher and Navy Reservist. He has just returned from a one year deployment overseas and is back in the classroom. Scott's full time gig is teaching and coaching in Roanoke, VA. He has coached high school football (10 years), tennis (6 years), and cross country (2 years). Scott graduated from Texas A&M-Commerce where he played football (WR) and threw the javelin for the track team. He completed his Masters at the University of Virginia. Scott has published three books: Jamestown: Journey Back in Time, The Reunion Reaper, and Death in the Valley, which are available on

Scott is a cousin to Hall of Famer Gino Marchetti of the Baltimore Colts.

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  • Andre Esters posted 2155 days ago

    Andre Esters

    I really enjoy your articles, keep up the great work and have a wonderful 2012.

  • dylan todd posted 2165 days ago

    dylan todd

    Saw your "steepest hill to climb" article on destinations and head coaches and was dissappointed to say the least. Your take on the Bucs sounded like it was "huffington posted" from other articles by people who don't cover the Bucs. 3 years from now still looking for a new coach... really? Draft picks questionable... wow. If you're out of your depth and need help analyzing teams in order to form fact-based and/or credible opinions let me know I'll gladly help out.

  • Justin LeClair posted 2373 days ago

    Justin LeClair

    Whens your next vikings article its getting slow with this lockout stuff i bet

  • natalie poisel posted 2418 days ago

    natalie poisel

    I fully believe you've lost no sleep over my comment, but I do still have that girl in my. Again, I apologize. You're a great writer.

  • Max Strauss posted 2586 days ago

    Max Strauss

    Hey scott, I appreciate you sharing this interview. I had it with him. Happy you enjoyed it. His dad was known for his toughness and discipline methods, so no way did Mike (JR) grow up easy. I met both him and his dad when covering JetsCamp for a day this past summer, it was an honor. I'm a high school student, but thanks for sharing!! :)

  • Michael Schottey posted 3050 days ago

    Michael Schottey

    I spent the morning as a VIP at Vikings Training Camp. Here's my Lions-biased review:

  • Andrew Tomlinson posted 3175 days ago

    Andrew Tomlinson

    Scott it was my pleasure to edit your mock draft. I don't know what happened to the numbers though because when I got to the article only one team had numbers next to it, Tampa Bay. Sorry about that. I did enjoy the read though.

  • T.A posted 3237 days ago


    Brady and Manning in outdoor games how stats don't tell the whole story. would love to hear some feedback.

  • Mosang Miles posted 3264 days ago

    Mosang Miles

    Old enough to drink, old enough to edit. Hopefully Seattle sports' down cycle will turn around in 2009. No problem on the edits too!