Please push DrewMcIntyre Chosen one

Please push DrewMcIntyre Chosen one


I am just a guy watching WWE and hoping they push DrewMCIntyre.I am his biggest fan and if you are too join the Drew revolution by clicking add as a fan on my profile so we can help Drew be World champion some day.Later,Drew marks

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  • Sports Lover posted 1862 days ago

    Sports Lover

    just fan added you

  • Graham GSM Matthews posted 1876 days ago

    Graham GSM Matthews

    So I saw. It's now been proven WWE Creative looks to me for ideas. I'm flattered.

  • Josh Matt posted 1888 days ago

    Josh Matt

    tell ryan L the problem. he's the community leader . i'm sure he'd work something out

  • Josh Matt posted 1888 days ago

    Josh Matt

    yeah, i've seen that

  • Josh Matt posted 1889 days ago

    Josh Matt


  • Josh Matt posted 1892 days ago

    Josh Matt

    well, mcintyre isgetting a push, ain't he ?

  • Josh Matt posted 1893 days ago

    Josh Matt

    care for a fan add?

  • Tyson Kidd posted 1895 days ago

    Tyson Kidd

    I'm better than you McIntyre!

  • I agree, he needs to drop that stupid NO!/YES! gimmick though.. It's getting really annoying.

  • ADR beating DB is just a case of bad, lazy booking.. That's all.