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  • William Renken posted 1993 days ago

    William Renken

    That "who the hell cares" was brilliant. I can't stand a lot of that video crap.

  • Iron Sheik posted 2028 days ago

    Iron Sheik

    hahaha! man that's funny as!

    I always tell people, give a concise and constructive reason, don't just yell and shit. Gets you nowhere.

    Lots of people just say dumb shit when flagging, and it doesn't really get noticed as a result

  • Iron Sheik posted 2028 days ago

    Iron Sheik

    I also think that I was banned, in part, because on my original profile under my real name, for the question Woods or Nicklaus, I wrote f@#k them both, I'm a rock climber, and my fav sporting moment was Tiger's downfall.

    Turns out the guy who I was communicating with plays golf and writes about it as well lmao! Found this out the other day.

  • Iron Sheik posted 2028 days ago

    Iron Sheik

    The paying customer spiel was part of the stealing ppvs thing.

    At the bottom of each article, before comments etc, it has two little boxes: Props and Flag

    I just flagged his latest raw article for his sarcastic comments towards people who have said that with the WWE Revolution" thing, that they want to see so and so debut etc.

    I also left a bunch of comments on his article, and am wondering if he will respond to them. But this time, I didn't say I was flagging his article though lol.

    I am all for people having opinions etc, but when you whine about people insulting you in the comments section, but then write absolute shit like that, doing the exact same thing, it gets my back up.

  • Iron Sheik posted 2028 days ago

    Iron Sheik

    No. First time.

    I let "him" know that I was flagging one of his "articles" as I was sick and tired of him claiming that people who are fans of Punk/Bryan et al, were thieves for illegally streaming PPVS. I said that if my comment disappeared, I would flag again, and repost the comment with all the flagging info.

    This went on for a bit, and then I couldn't post stuff.

    I eventually received an email from "higher up" and after a bit of back and forth, where I said that if "he" was going to continually make claims that certain members are thieves without any proof to actually support his claims, based on who they support, then I would flag the "articles" as being offensive.

    I was told that as I am unable to adhere to community standards, then I my account will remain "neutralized".

    My response to that was that b/r editors had an obligation to monitor articles for such accusations by their authors as they are meant to set an example to everyone reading, and that if they felt that me flagging such material was an issue, as opposed to allowing such behaviour from their authors, then there were probably bigger issues that need to be addressed.

    So far, no response to that one. More than a week ago that since I sent that email as well....

    It's funny how the world works.

    Maybe I should ask why I haven't received a response to my email yet lol

  • Iron Sheik posted 2028 days ago

    Iron Sheik

    Yeah. It involved him. Went to town a bit with that one though, but never was abusive towards him, so he can't whine about cuss words... oh heck!

    I'm guessing you read my posts on other people's profiles...

  • Simon Mulatay posted 2028 days ago

    Simon Mulatay

    Thanks for the fan add.

  • Iron Sheik posted 2029 days ago

    Iron Sheik

    Hey man, thanks for the add.

    Nice to see another person well versed in classic simpson quotes lol