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Kyle Whitely


"Hello Canada, and hockey fans in the United States and Newfoundland"
- Foster Hewitt

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  • TJ Jenkins posted 3140 days ago

    TJ Jenkins

    Just finished an article about how the AFC North's rivalries impact the teams playoff chances.

  • Brad James posted 3230 days ago

    Brad James

    I've heard rumors in the wind that the CFL could perhaps return to the U.S. Is this a good idea? Read my latest article to find out.

  • Matt Eichel posted 3234 days ago

    Matt Eichel

    Sure man, just e-mail me at

  • Matt Eichel posted 3241 days ago

    Matt Eichel

    All that you'd have to do is pretty much keep tabs on the community, write up reports, and encourage fellow Eskimos and CFL writers by editing, commenting, and trying to seek out those new Eskimos writers on BR. You can update the community with the bulletin board on the Eskies page and besides that it's a pretty sweet, easy job.

  • Matt Eichel posted 3241 days ago

    Matt Eichel

    Hey Kyle. Let me know if you're interested in being either an Argos or Eskies community leader on BR here.

  • Matt Eichel posted 3251 days ago

    Matt Eichel

    Hey Kyle! I'm Matt Eichel, one of the community leaders for the Canadian Football League on BR. I saw that you are an Edmonton Eskimos fan and Toronto Argonaut fan. With the CFL season over, we're looking for the CFL section to grow for the upcoming 2009 season. It'd be awesome if you could cover some CFL issues coming into the season and during the season. We are also looking for both Argo and Eskie community leaders in the CFL community.

    Good stuff on the Kings. They're going to be a good team coming up. Hopefully Bernier gets up and gets the #1 job, that's why they've got him. Keep up the good stuff!

  • Matt Ellenberger posted 3257 days ago

    Matt Ellenberger

    Me too, I guess. Its a love/ hate relationship, and I'm on the "hate" phase right now. Did you see my status on facebook, that pretty much tells the story right there.

  • Ben Spicer posted 3257 days ago

    Ben Spicer

    You root for us?

  • Derek Harmsworth posted 3257 days ago

    Derek Harmsworth

    Yeah. I am a die-hard Leafs fan, but I have Centre Ice, so when it comes to watching a late game, it's usually San Jose, Calgary, or LA

    LA is such an exciting young team. Their top six has so much talent. When they finally turn that corner to contend, man, they are going to be something to watch for sure.

    Hopefully I can say the same about my Leafs someday too

  • ctsports picks posted 3260 days ago

    ctsports picks

    joined as your fan check out my fan also much appreciated and thanks for the note go florida