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I am a Michigan State Student who will be attending University of Michigan Law School next fall (an odd combination, I know). If you are wondering, I will be a Michigan State athletics fan for the rest of my life, regardless of what other institutions I may attend or places I may take residence.

I love sports, specifically football, hockey, and baseball. I was a three-sport athlete (Football, Wrestling, and Baseball) in high school and participated in tryouts for the MSU baseball team (although I failed to earn a spot), so yes, I do "know the game" when I talk about many different sports.

I believe in consistency in argument. I am not of the opinion that statistics are the "only thing that matters". And I firmly believe that you need not attend a certain college to be a fan, but, if you don't attend said college, you should NOT comment on overall academics, student-athlete academics, or "class" of the fan base. I'm not saying you "can't" comment on these areas, but, if you do, I believe you leave yourself open for the classic "Walmart Wolverine" or "Save-a-lot Spartan" comments, and they will be deserved.

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  • J Cook posted 2058 days ago

    J Cook

    Thank you for your continued readership and support of my work, much appreciated!

  • J Cook posted 2062 days ago

    J Cook

    Thanks for the props on the article, Jay! I appreciate your readership!

  • Chris Madden posted 2068 days ago

    Chris Madden

    Thanks for liking my article Jay! I look forward to reading some of your material.

  • Isaac Smith posted 2076 days ago

    Isaac Smith

    thanks for the reader praise Jay, good luck at Umich Law School and congrats on getting in, it's a huge honor! I lived in Ann Arbor for 11 years...

  • RJ Luchenbill posted 2086 days ago

    RJ Luchenbill

    Hey Jay, thanks for the praise on the article about the game by game predictions for the Wolverines for the 2012 season. I appreciate it.

  • Anthony Spivey posted 2092 days ago

    Anthony Spivey

    Thank you for the praise and the read.