Kyanna Johnson

Kyanna Johnson


My name is Kyanna Johnson.I am a Huge GB Packers /DallasCowboys Fan(been a fan since I was 4) and if you're wondering why I am a fan of both? let me tell you it's a long story,I live in football especially the NFL,love having discussions about it, I'm in love with Clay Matthews and Tim Tebow.

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  • Eric McKelvie posted 1794 days ago

    Eric McKelvie

    Thanks for the props, I appreciate the support!

  • David Daniels posted 1804 days ago

    David Daniels

    No problem, and thank you!

  • David Daniels posted 1814 days ago

    David Daniels

    Hey Kyanna. I still do, just on Sundays this fall, though.

  • Eric McKelvie posted 1817 days ago

    Eric McKelvie

    Thanks for reading and for the props on my article, much appreciated!

  • Brandon Alisoglu posted 1828 days ago

    Brandon Alisoglu

    Thanks for the props, Kyanna!

  • Russell S. Baxter posted 1850 days ago

    Russell S. Baxter

    Thanks for the kind words about my piece. Very much appreciated...

  • Jesse Reed posted 1853 days ago

    Jesse Reed


    Thanks for liking my article about what the Pack must to to stay dangerous on D w/o Woodson. I appreciate the love.

  • Chris Swanson posted 1862 days ago

    Chris Swanson

    Hey Kyanna,

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  • Keith Brown posted 1920 days ago

    Keith Brown

    haha yeah, that is exactly why.

  • Keith Brown posted 1930 days ago

    Keith Brown

    We could never be friends.