Devin Rodger

Devin Rodger


My name is Devin Rodger, I just turned 21 a couple of days ago, and am a huge sports fan, and love to write, even with me limited experience.

I used to write, for free, at Bleacher Report, when they had their free writing going on a couple of years ago. I actually ended up getting an offer to work with a little independant website writing for me favorite NHL hockey team, the Ottawa Senators. I enjoyed being asked to write for a website, even if it was small, it gives you, as a writing enthusiast, the accomplishment of somebody noticing your writing. I ended up leaving that small website because I lost the time to write.

During all that time, I have been an active member over at I have been a GDT specialist, and general manager of the Ottawa Senators forum, and also the New York Islanders forum. It's not as much of a writing website as B/R, but it does help you work on your trade.

Before both of those, I did have my own blog, called, Daily Sens Talk. I also had to drop that blog due to time. It has always seemed to me that I have been so close to the next step for writing, for me at least, and then my real working life kicks in, and I lose the time to write about the things that I love.

Yet here I am, back here at B/R, trying to make my name heard again, and hopefully make a possible career out of it!

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