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High school student and sports enthusiast here, residing in one of the great suburbs here in Arizona. I began sports writing at 13 and have continued to do so for various websites throughout the years.

It began as a dream to become a top sports journalist. Later, I realized the entry-level salary and the stress associated with such a job would not be worth it. So now I write as a hobby. English class in high school is a bore as it does not provide much of a challenge,and assignments that do just are not interesting at all. That's why I like to write about sports online.

Unfortunately, I am very lazy and have not stuck around at any one website for very long, but this seems like a nice place to try again. I still have much to learn and improve on in my writing so hopefully you all can provide me with some constructive criticism as we move on. I will return the favor by editing and commenting on other articles written by you guys.

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