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Alfonzo Torres


From the Los Angeles area and a UCLA graduate, always excited to write!

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  • Karl Schneider posted 1707 days ago

    Karl Schneider

    Dude, Mexico is doing so well right now in the Hex!

  • Xryzoa Tempest posted 1717 days ago

    Xryzoa Tempest

    Thanks for the compliment. As for Vela not really but that's cause he is an Arsenal player, though from the looks of things he is ripping things up in Spain.

  • John Fernandez posted 1721 days ago

    John Fernandez

    you were probably born and raised in the US yet still would give a rim job to mexico if you could. you are just another typical mexico fan that thinks they are still good and actually have a chance in the WC. Last time i checked its USA 4 Mexico 3. Nice try though. Btw if you think you sound smart just remember that you look like the biggest tool and all you do is comment on BR articles. which pretty much means youre going nowhere in life. VIVA USA CABRON

  • pepito la calle posted 1748 days ago

    pepito la calle

  • pepito la calle posted 1748 days ago

    pepito la calle

    Fake Jack Davis AKA truth dont hate because I am more known on than your sorry @$$ LOL too easy keep hating buddy you will never get as much fans like me hahahahahaha

  • Eduardo Mendez posted 1768 days ago

    Eduardo Mendez

    Everybody is trying to get a new soccer stadium built here. But the new MLS stadium is proposed for a new franchise. The Cosmos have their own ambitious plans for Long Island. It'll be nice to have it out here, but I'm not switching my allegiance. I'm a Red Bull for life.

    Thanks. I appreciate the compliment.

  • Eduardo Mendez posted 1768 days ago

    Eduardo Mendez

    Lol Thanks, Alfonzo. Unfortunately, it's nearly impossible to get a stadium in NYC. Same reason the Giants are in New Jersey. The drive to get out to the matches is HIGHLY annoying. Thanks for reading and commenting. Always look forward to feedback and opposing views.

  • illya mclellan posted 1908 days ago

    illya mclellan

    Thanks Alfonzo, was enjoyable to put it out there, glad you enjoyed it.

  • Michael Cerna posted 1941 days ago

    Michael Cerna

    No worries, it's my pleasure. Thanks for the fan add BTW. Oh and I'm blogging about the match here:

  • Ale fari posted 1957 days ago

    Ale  fari

    you are totaly out of your head, Uruguay can beat Mexico anywhere. Mexico is a poor team because Concacaf, playing against little islands in the caribe is good marketing. I wish Mexico can play in Comegol and see if they pass to the next round.