Zultan The Prognosticator

Zultan The Prognosticator


The end of the line for Zultan: http://sportsthenandnow.com/2012/11/20/zultans-final-fearless-college-football-forecast-week-13/

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I live inside a box. I plug myself in during pigskin season when all of my senses zero in on the biggest games of the week. While I live in Hawkeye Land, my crystal ball gives me a seat on the 50 yard line of every college football game being held on any gridiron.


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  • Xeno-philous F posted 2696 days ago

    Xeno-philous F

    I looked into the mirror this morning and saw me upside down and tried to follow the image in reverse for a change. .
    Hope you can bear with me for once.

    Title: Nadal Poised to Go Romanian Ill Nasty at Federer: A Vampire Tale

  • CYRUS 99 STARK posted 2742 days ago


    Thank you for the fan add.

  • Rajat Jain posted 2753 days ago

    Rajat Jain

    Thanks for the fan add, Jelana. Not been contributing to b/r a lot lately (for reasons of my own), so its nice to see a fan add from your side.

    By the way, if you are interested in my work (not advertising, but just informing 'coz you added me as a fan) then I write here these days: www.sportskeeda.com/author/rajat85/