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No matter how you slice it, I love sports. I love the NBA, with my passion being the Boston Celtics. When I die and go to heaven, dress me in Green. I'll do a little One on One with Michael, Magic, and Lebron. I'll keep the hardwood hot until they get there. I love the Sox..My favorites are/were Reggie Smith, Jim Ed (Yeah.....Finally), Oil Can Boyd and Big Papi. This means, of course that I hate the Yankees. Twenty Six World Championships is Great, but only 6 of them were in the last 31 years. and ZERO since 2000. I like to count the 32 World Championships by Boston sports teams and 6 of them since 2001 in my list of memorable team achievements. Six World Champions out of 32 possible titles since 2001, with 3 more likely/possible in 2009. That's 25% according to anyone's math.

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  • L.J. Burgess posted 3229 days ago

    L.J. Burgess

    Ummm...only one out of seven...as a prognosticator of character you failed.

    #1 I am a HUGE NASCAR fan, yes.

    #2 I live in Maryland and have only passed through AZ to buy weed in Mexico. I heard Dr. King speak at a rally in Montgomery County, Maryland as a child. Inspiring, he deserves a day if only for that.

    #3 I am a Ravens fan, we hate the Steelers, so, my enemy's enemy is my friend. Go Cards!

    #4 Rickey Henderson was one of the greatest Baseball players to ever cleat-up. If I was starting a fantasy team he would be my first pick as my leadoff hitter. Although anecdotes about 'Rickey being Rickey' are entertaining, he was not funny on the field.

    #5 Brett Favre? I'm absolutely dying to hear you explain how you came up with that one!

    #6 I said "THAT movie" ...not "MY movie". Try again.

    #7 I'm happy to be here on B/R, I'm proud of what the boys have done with it, as far as being a "proud member", not so much...I'm just here. As far as B/R being "Lame"...why do you feel that way? What about it seems "lame" to you?

    So...what have we learned? Hopefully that initial perception is seldom reality and our first 'guess' at someone's intentions are usually wrong.

    So here is my guess about you;

    #1 You hate white people...which makes you a racist.

    #2 You're of average intellect at best because you see dissension among you comments on B/R as racism.

    #3 You grasp at the fact that Obama's skin is dark, making him a black man in your eyes, when the reality is that he is half white and half Luo...making him multi racial...and you, a desperate racist.

    #4 You love a BoSox Left Fielder who finally made the HoF but with iffy numbers compared to the white players preceding him both on the BoSox and the HoF position...but you want the controversy to be about race, you beg for it to be.

    So...how'd I do?

    Now, usually what happens is, the new B/R writer with an AGENDA who has been 'spanked' by counterpoints in both his work and inhis commentary, usually those writers tuck tail and slip back into oblivion, they feel B/R is "LAME" because no one supports their AGENDA or someone argues with them and...boom, they quit, they leave and they never come back, thus B/R is "LAME" and so are the non AGENDA jumping members.

    WAHHHH, crybabies they are.

    So...which kind of newbie are you?

    Are you going to tuck tail and run like an ass whipped dog and hide under the porch?

    Or are you the kind of guy who thinks "I might be wrong about these people and this website, maybe I'm hasty to judge and poor in my initial perceptions of people because I carry a latent bias of my own...maybe I should stick around and keep writing great politically charged sports articles for people to read just to see a reaction".

    So, which is it punk, are feeling lucky?

  • Terry Robinson posted 3230 days ago

    Terry Robinson

    I love the Celtics too, and having grown up in Charlotte, I am a huge fan of Cedric Maxwell, for life. I see in your bio that you are a Can Fan, and so am I. When he was on, man, he was ON. No Sox pitcher was ever more fun to watch, unless it was Luis Tiant.

    I loved your Jim Ed, MLK, Barack Obama article. This site is in desperate need of insightful stuff like yours. Bring it ON!