Mark C

Mark C


I was born playing football. I have loved it for as long as I can recall. I grew up watching teams like the John Madden Raiders, the Chuck Noll Steelers, Conrad Dobler, The Fearsome Foursome. I played football. Studied football with as much passion as I play music, and love my family. I study everything about football, the coaches, small and great. The nuances of the game. I played football on every level except Pro. I've wrestled and have studied martial arts for nearly 30 years, owning a studio once, before other projects kept me from my third passion. While I can no longer play the game of football, bad knees, I continue to be actively involved on so many levels. I follow baseball on a limited bases, and only follow basketball during the play-offs. Golf...just can't get into it. Boxing..I used to love boxing...but it has changed just too much now. My time is consumed with being a newspaper editor, a business consultant, a bassist and a songwriter.

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  • Daymon Johnson posted 2063 days ago

    Daymon Johnson

    You sir are an Asshole. I don't lie......EVER. Don't post shit on my page again. You and I have nothing further to talk about.

  • Daymon Johnson posted 2064 days ago

    Daymon Johnson

    I really don't appreciate you blatantly calling me a liar, especially when you don't even know me. I shouldn't get this upset about it, but it pisses me off. Perhaps holding your tongue a bit would behoove you........

  • Brian Stepanek posted 2070 days ago

    Brian Stepanek

    @Mark- Well sir, one rises to meet a challenge! What do you want to debate?

  • Salvatore Di Cerce posted 2070 days ago

    Salvatore Di Cerce

    and ?