Zoe Brain

Zoe Brain


As a matter of fact, I *am* a Rocket Scientist.

Also Intersexed - born with a body neither wholly male nor wholly female.

In 1985, I was (mis) diagnosed as a case of "Undervirilised Fertile Male Syndrome" - a mild form of AIS, androgen insensitivity syndrome. I looked almost normally male, with my clothes on, anyway.

In 2005, as the result of natural changes, I had a rather more complete set of tests, MRI scans, Ultrasounds, gene tests etc etc. By then I looked almost normally female. I was re-diagnosed as a case of "severe androgenisation of a non-pregnant woman:".

I used to look male. I now look female. My gender identity was always female, but when you look like a quarterback rather than a cheerleader, you try to behave the way society expects. I was too scared to do anything else.

Although I'm technically not "transsexual", as the transition was from natural causes, that's just a technicality. Before the change, I was transsexual for all intents and purposes, and answer to either IS (Intersexed) or TS (Transsexual).

But I really don't want to be remembered for that, I prefer to be thought of as just a really weird Female Academic who's totally Geeky, and a Rocket Scientist to boot. The medical oddities are of historical interest only.

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  • Andreas Ajoku posted 1675 days ago

    Andreas Ajoku

    I just finished reading through all the comments on the Joe Rogen/Fallon Fox article. I learned a lot from what you said and linked! Thank you for your intelligent contribution to that article! Some of the other comments from people were downright disturbing, it was wonderful that there was someone like you (as well as C G and a few others) to counter that ignorant side with facts.


  • Nate Wilkinson posted 1701 days ago

    Nate Wilkinson

    You look like Meatloaf.