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I was Born and Raised in Tillsonburg Ontario, Canada. (November 12, 1981)
The Biggest Leafs fan out there haha at least one of them... Let's just say I'm a die hard Leafs fan. Unlike a lot of people I know I stand by my team through thick and thin no matter how bad Toskala is.

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  • Tyler Hill posted 3261 days ago

    Tyler Hill

    Hey Sean,

    I like the bio, true Leafs fans are hard to come by, people in Leafs Nation constanly jump off the band wagon when the team is in a slump. Good to know there are more people like me out there:P

    Cheers Tyler

    P.S, I hope we can see some more artilce from you in the future, I liked the one you wrote about just having 12 teams(even if I don't completly agree with it).

  • Randy posted 3265 days ago


    Thanks Sean, never really done one of those before, maybe I'll give it a try. You have some good looking fans-Melissa etc. I sort of feel your pain with the Leafs, I try and hang in with the Rangers, but it's getting tough lately, now they are talking about bringing Avery back. Don't know how much that will impact their recent play, we might have to wait and see. btw is Domi still playing?

  • Captain Fanatic posted 3286 days ago

    Captain Fanatic

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  • Melissa Hanschell posted 3287 days ago

    Melissa Hanschell

    haha dont worry about it

    I took a look at your latest too!


  • Melissa Hanschell posted 3287 days ago

    Melissa Hanschell

    Np Sean

    let me know if you need any other edits on future work!