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  • Christine L posted 2047 days ago

    Christine L

    I never said or implied that LBJ, Wade, or Kobe etc. didn't have a great work ethic. I was simply pointing out that the Thunder spends a lot of time together, which is particularly unusual. They don't have girl friends or wives because they're young, and they're just interested in playing basketball. My argument was to show that since they bond through spending so much time hanging out -- eating and playing video games etc. -- their collective camaraderie significantly helps Scotty Brooks.

    Unfortunately, I don't think that Spoelstra has the respect and cooperation of the team as a whole, and if he does, it's not like how the Thunder follows Scotty Brooks. I was simply saying it was tougher for Spoelstra to coach the Heat than for Scotty Brooks to coach the Thunder. (And I'll say it, I'm not sure Scotty Brooks could do Spoelstra's job, but that would never happen anyway, because Miami wouldn't hire someone like Scotty Brooks. He's not a good fit with the organization.)

    Additionally, play on the court of being an "unselfish" player doesn't necessarily reflect the egos off the court. People have been telling LBJ that he's the best for a very long time. I'm sure he's bought into that thinking. How do you think the other Heat players feel about the Big 3 getting all the attention? I can only imagine that even if they don't say they're not happy about the situation, there's not much they can do. And if they don't buy into all of it, believing it in their heart and head, their incentive to play well for the team isn't always 100%.

  • Christine L posted 2050 days ago

    Christine L

    Haha, I'm not offended in the slightest. KD, my favorite basketball player, went to UT Austin while I was also a student (2006-2007), so of course, I'm going to support his NBA team!

    It's funny that you bring this point up because I've talked with OKC fans who drive to Rockets games, and one said that EVERYONE LOVES KD. They'd even make him mayor (overlooking his college decision to go to UT even though there are so many Sooners, obviously).

    Also, I like the Lakers, but pulled support when Artest purposely elbowed Harden at the end of the season. If OKC had done that to LAL, I would've vehemently protested and boycotted the offense as well. There's just no room for that "thuggery" on the court. (Artest has obviously had so many ejections and suspensions throughout his career in the NBA. Why keep risking his seemingly uncontainable explosions on other players?) I respect Kobe because he's an amazing player. Liked Pau Gasol when he and Kobe were on better terms in a bromance (two years ago when they won the Finals).

    Thanks for reaching out!

    PS--You should definitely go after your dream of writing in the sports industry. I used to teach and mentor a lot of students as a high school math teacher, and I always encouraged them to pursue their dreams!

  • Matt Fitzgerald posted 2050 days ago

    Matt Fitzgerald

    I like what you have to say about the Browns' free agency approach and the point about what the Lions did.

    As far as LeBron, I'm not sure he'll be able to get into the lane as easily as he did against the Celtics, because the Thunder have better defensive bigs inside and much better, lengthier perimeter defenders. The only guy who could really stay in front of James with any success on the Celtics was Rondo, and he's only 6'1"

    I guess we'll see. Thanks for keeping up with my articles though!

  • Brian Kinel posted 2078 days ago

    Brian Kinel

    Interesting take. thanks for being involved

  • Rico C posted 2078 days ago

    Rico C

    It was a point being made by Leo - critical of the Browns for taking Richardson, yet he said taking Jeffery at four would have been the smart thing to do - apparently no other NFL team felt the same as you and Leo about Jeffery. Richardson is a true top ten pick, and if the Browns hadn't taking him - someone else would have...the same can't be said of Jeffery...I trust those within the NFL more so than you and Leo. Unless either of you can provide the credentials to prove otherwise - I'll stick with my own path. Thank you.

  • Rico C posted 2078 days ago

    Rico C

    Trusting the hundreds of hours spent scouting a player- most players are scouted for more than a year - that Heckert has made the right choice. Even the great Jerry Rice struggled coming off the line also. Rice himself said Walsh stayed on him about that. In his rookie year he had 15 drops, more than Greg Little. Rice was a 4.7, compared to other notable WR's. Every college prospect is not without imperfections - as this one of many scouting reports will testify:

    "Hill's value is based purely off his ability as a deep threat. He has average quickness and moves off the line of scrimmage to avoid a jam. He ran a very basic route tree at Georgia Tech that didn't allow him to showcase many skills. Outside of catching jump balls, he struggles to read coverages and understand how to find holes in a zone. Hill looks uncomfortable with the ball in his hands and resembles a lengthy track star on the field instead of a football player. He dropped as many big balls as he made big plays; his YPC stat defines him perfectly as a player who is capable of making flash plays but isn't reliable."

    Now, according to Bill Walsh, Paul Brown, Don Shula, Bill Belichick - quickness over-rules straight line speed - which Jerry Rice lacked, but Rice was quick...not straight-line fast.

    (I use Rice as a model to support a theory, not comparing skills.)

    Benjamin is NO Josh Cribbs. Cribbs was a college quarterback, who wasn't even drafted. Benjamin is an accomplished wide receiver.

    Height/size...history, and presently, size truly isn't a factor. It is, but isn't. Steve Smith, the legendary WR in Carolina is only 5'9"...would you NOT want him? Greg Jennings, Wes Welker, Danny Morehead...Steve Smith, the guy drafted by the Giants, now with the Rams...DeSean Jackson.

    No offense, but regardless what you "think", believe Heckert has done a heck of a lot more scouting and research than either you or I.

  • Chris Roling posted 2081 days ago

    Chris Roling

    Thanks Chris! Both are tough games but winnable.

  • Rico C posted 2086 days ago

    Rico C

    The Browns could very well hit at least 9 wins. Looking at last season, there were two games the Browns lost because of botched Special Teams plays. There were two games which the Linebackers gave up the big play to opposing Tight Ends. Those were a total of four games the Browns had in their hands to win. That would have made them 8-8 on the season.

    Despite what many think of Brad Childress, he is a really good coordinator - enough to get him interviewed by Pittsburgh, and several other teams as a Head Coach. Despite the drama in Minnesota, Childress had them a consistent winner and in the play-offs. The offense will be much improved just by having Childress..he is also better than Shurmur.

    I also strongly believe if the Browns do fail, Pat Shurmur will be gone. Heckert & Holmgren have surrounded Shurmur with very experienced, and successful guys in Childress, Ray Rhodes and Dick Juron. Adding talent to the roster and patching the holes - there is no reason to think the Browns will not be successful. It all falls in Shurmur's lap.

    This is just my opinion though, it's how I see it playing out.

  • Rico C posted 2087 days ago

    Rico C

    Brandon may have been a reach at #22 - but in all reality - the NFL Teams grade players very differently than me, you, Mayock, draftteck..etc. Jerry Rice was considered a huge reach, especially in the first round. He wasn't even on any other team's draft board at all, except Dallas, but they had Rice as a low round draft pick.

    Besides, no one really knows what was going on behind the scenes in the draft. Teams never bleed out their secrets, as it destroys trust and future dealings with other teams.

    While I was not that high on Weeden, the more research I've done on him, the more I actually like him. I like Colt too, but I do think Weeden may prove to be the better QB - and that is certainly a breath of fresh air.

    I agree with you - I think we will see this all come together in 2013. 2012 will be the turning point though. I believe the Browns will be better, and as the season wears on, they will become even better, laying the foundation for 2013.