Cesaro is Better Than You

Cesaro is Better Than You


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  • Sports Lover 2.0 posted 1824 days ago

    Sports  Lover 2.0

    Hey,fanned you

  • benjamin moya posted 1824 days ago

    benjamin moya

    you sock

  • HEELS of Wrestling posted 1834 days ago

    HEELS of Wrestling

    Thats good to know. And BTW, your Profile photo has not 2, but 3 future world champion.

  • HEELS of Wrestling posted 1835 days ago

    HEELS of Wrestling

    The Mental Mastermind hints that you and him are the same guy. Dismiss the rumor man, and stay on team #HEEL, the gods of wrestling

  • HEEL 2.0 posted 1838 days ago

    HEEL 2.0

    you don't come on here or something?

  • HEELS of Wrestling posted 1841 days ago

    HEELS of Wrestling

    ha, that was funny, what you said about Cena leaving forever for hollywood, but true

  • HEEL 2.0 posted 1843 days ago

    HEEL 2.0

    it's too bad,but like he said just talk to us whenever you want.

  • HEELS of Wrestling posted 1843 days ago

    HEELS of Wrestling

    oh thats too bad. You can come talk about how great heels are anytime though.

  • HEELS of Wrestling posted 1844 days ago

    HEELS of Wrestling

    Me and Heel 2.0 decided that you should join our Heels Only review on my page. Every 10 minutes or so, we post our thoughts of the show, and we are VERY bias when it comes to our guys, and judging by your name, you are too my friend. We only review Raw. We cant stand Cena Sheamus and Ryback. that is all the rules (if you want to call them that) to the review. We thought we would start our own, since there are so many Marks on the actual raw review. Let us know before Raw Monday.

  • Sports Lover posted 1844 days ago

    Sports Lover

    In that pic,is Cesaro hitting Tyson with the uppercut.