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Sharon Crossglen


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  • Edward Morris posted 1523 days ago

    Edward Morris

    Sharon commented on my page. This is what she said.

    "Edward, this may not be my place to say, but have you ever considered getting some sort of emotional help? I understand having opinions and being passionate, but you seem to have a great deal of anger and it goes beyond just disagreeing with my articles or views on things. You appear to be very, very troubled.

  • Edward Morris posted 1524 days ago

    Edward Morris

    Agreed. We need to spreed that message around and get rid of her. Apparently flagging her articles doesn't work ether.

    Try to tell people to not read her article too. Because that's what feeds her ego is the amount of reads she gets.

  • Edward Morris posted 1525 days ago

    Edward Morris

    ☻/ This is Bob. Copy and paste him
    /▌ all over the bleacher report
    / \ so he can take over, and let them know we have had
    enough with Sharon Glencross.


  • Fraser Cowie posted 1526 days ago

    Fraser Cowie

    Hahahahahahaha, brilliant!

  • The Cowardula posted 1550 days ago

    The Cowardula

    LOL I thought u were Sharon for a second.

  • Ahamed T posted 1550 days ago

    Ahamed T

    Ruth or Mays? Dave Meltzer. Haha, that's gold

  • andrew economous posted 1551 days ago

    andrew economous

    You make me cross Sharon!

  • Jay Barker posted 1552 days ago

    Jay Barker

    I think I love you.

  • The Villain posted 1552 days ago

    The Villain

    Awww shit. For sometime I thought you were the real Sharon Glenncross

  • Edward Morris posted 1553 days ago

    Edward Morris

    This account is awesome, but the only thing i would change is the name. Change it to Sharon Glencross?