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  • Robert Standard posted 1406 days ago

    Robert Standard

    Re Kessler/Browne:

    I turned negative on Kiffin in 2012, but some of his comments made sense to me. He said that if an inexperienced player was roughly even with an experienced player in practice, the inexperienced player should start, because it was probable that the inexperienced player would soon surpass the experienced player.

  • Mike O'Rourke posted 1406 days ago

    Mike O'Rourke


    Please take a close look at the comment section on your ND article about ND's chances to win the ACC Title...pretty ugly thanks to a single Troll who uses several fake screen names and dumps streams of trash all over most ND features articles.

    If we have any chance of removing Mr.Troll we need to write to the info@bleacherreport.com message board and complain and even write to the various featured writers themselves by clicking on their name at the top of the article and ask if they want to write articles for ND B/R when ND fans will never visit and comment on their articles because Mr Troll has driven everyone else away.

    Otherwise this site will become a ghost town where no one comes to visit...

    Mike O'Rourke

  • Tasha T posted 1406 days ago

    Tasha T

    Brilliant, Alex..... I just got a huge hoot and holler from your Lil' Boosie article. Folks criticizing this Artist's villainous character, but STEADY "clicking" and "sharing".... What HYPOCRITES we are... GEAUX TIGERS!!

  • John Schmidt posted 1420 days ago

    John Schmidt

    Alex, in the Brendan Gibbons article, why do you keep referring to the 2014 season? It hasn't happened, yet. You mean the 2013 season.

  • V J Spindler III posted 1425 days ago

    V J Spindler III

    Here's another from the same article (Wisconsin this time)—same problem.

    "James White, who had 221 carries to Gordon's 2016..." Really, he had over two thousand carries in one season?

  • V J Spindler III posted 1425 days ago

    V J Spindler III

    Regarding your recent article concerning candidates for B1G player of the year.

    You're kidding, right? "He (Langford) amassed 1,422 yards per game..." You really need to proof your articles before posting them.

  • daniel magnuson posted 1426 days ago

    daniel magnuson

    haha ur article top 10 o and d for next year is laughable

  • Fife Alexander posted 1428 days ago

    Fife Alexander

    Your CFB QBs to transfer before spring ball piece was one of the worst and most poorly researched pieces of sports writing that I have ever seen. Along with calling players by the wrong name, you projected an early enrollee who will be a true freshman in the fall as a likely candidate to transfer (and called him a redshirt frosh no less)

  • Robert Standard posted 1431 days ago

    Robert Standard

    Good, thoughtful article on UCLA. I think that it will turn on the losses on defense (and, of course, injuries).

  • Matt Spears posted 1461 days ago

    Matt Spears

    You got it, Alex. You are great with numbers so it seemed a bit odd for there to be those discrepancies, but we got it all figured out.